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June 29, 2020

Hello Fiddlers & Friends,

Here at the Full Circle we have had a spirited, tenacious, kick-ass spring, and that is moving with us right into summer!

My personal, professional and spiritual take-away is we have all come through fire into the profound role of ​Keepers of the Music.

With the world in chaos, we ​chose ​t​o keep our music in a place of high energy & consciousness. We chose to deepen our relationship with it in many creative, personal, beautiful ways.

The groundlessness of the world became our foundation for giving more to that which never changes- the beauty and sacred depth of music. And music always gives back, richly and with all possibility.

Cayt & Pico
O'Carolan Takes Flight!

O'Carolan Session started last Wednesday (June 24). Many happy thanks to Bob Frost & Alan Eaton (pictured below), our guest guides for this class, who from moment one at our first session, gave their hearts and stories and stellar music to us!

Our first OC session began with a short impromptu trad tune mico-session with Cayt (fiddle), Bob (banjo) & Alan (guitar). The joy of (FINALLY!) playing together energetically/physically took off like a wildfire.

We started at the beginning of our 27-tune list (there are at least 214 OC tunes in print) with Blind Mary and made it through about 15 tunes for the evening.

One student, new to OC, was over the moon with the beauty & joyful uniqueness of the tunes. She was transformed by the Magic.

For many musicians, O’Carolan tunes feel just “ok” or maybe even “weird”, but O’Carolan Believers are hit hard in the heart & soul upon hearing their first tune. Our (Bob & Cayt's) band, The Angel Band, was created out of intense love of O’Carolan’s music, and thus became a highly regarded performing/recording ensemble for concerts, festivals, etc.

Overall, our first O’Carolan summer 2020 session brought us all into balance and alignment with our musicality, hearts, and huge gratitude for the gift of playing together and for O'Carolan's gift of music to the universe. And – we sounded kick-ass, to top off a great evening!

Up-Level Starts Tomorrow!
If you're looking for a little of that Music Magic at a level that's just right for you, join our Up-Level class. It starts tomorrow night (Tuesday June 30) and is geared for players who know some violin basics, but are still learning to read music and want to gain an extra boost of skill and confidence.

Nothing leads you down the Musical Path more quickly than playing with others! Call or text me today (603-312-2647) as we have just two places left. Click here for more information and/or online registration.
Explore & Experience – Sound Effects
The violin is often considered to be the most expressive of all instruments. One way to tune in to the expressive potential of your instrument is to experiment with creating different sounds.

Play open strings, for instance, using different parts of your bow, or different speeds, and imagine what those sounds evoke. When you play slowly — and nearly on the fingerboard — perhaps the sound is more like a soft breeze. When you use a bit more bow weight and speed, in the middle of the "highway," the sound might be more urgent and "gusty."

Slide your left fingers up and down the string, and what comes to mind? Do you imagine your cat meowing? An ambulance rushing down your street?

Exploring like this is fun – and will help you later, when you want to express yearning, or urgency, or tenderness, or some other emotional quality with your violin. Check out the video at the end of this newsletter to find inspiration for some of the incredible sound effects you could potentially create with your violin.
Cartoon Corner
If you have an article, a cartoon, a photo of your favorite violin-themed shirt or other possession – or a tune you've written or arranged, a photo of your home violin practice space, a poem, or anything else to share with the Full Circle community, email it to us for possible inclusion in a future newsletter.
Quote of the Week
We need magic, and bliss, and power, myth, and celebration and religion in our lives, and music is a good way to encapsulate a lot of it.  -- Jerry Garcia
This Week's Video: Violin Sound Effects
Violins can sound like THAT?
Belgian violinist Sebastian Kulwanowski showcases his ability to coax just about ANY sound from a violin. I liked the "Animals" and "City Sounds" sections best.
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