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June 1, 2020
Hello All Fiddle & Violin Friends & Students!

June has finally arrived! And with it, more music!

I have always enjoyed the famous poem by James Russell Lowell that includes these lines:

And what is so rare as a day in June?
Then, if ever, come perfect days;
Then Heaven tries earth if it be in tune,...

[Here's the rest of the poem – it's all wonderful!] 
As musicians, let's be sure that as Heaven tries earth this month, we are fully in tune and into the joy of music, and life.

Happy Summer to All!

Cayt & Pico
Classes this Summer – Sign Up!
The streamlining of Studio 402 is moving along nicely, in preparation for a return to our Absolute Beginners, Up-Level and O'Carolan / Session group classes. More space in the room, coupled with limited group sizes of 10 or fewer, will allow for ample distancing and personal/instrumental space for each player.

As always, all equipment and doorknobs, etc. will be sanitized prior to classes, our super virus-filtering fan will be in use, we have great AC, and the studio will be treated with refreshing and cleansing essential oil spray. Also note that our floor has two sets of clean & tidy male/female restrooms to make breaktime easy. Masks are absolutely welcome for those who use them, and for those who choose not to use one at the studio, that is absolutely welcome as well. I myself do not use a mask when in the studio.

UpLevel Class will be on Tuesdays, 6-7:30pm, from June 30th - August 4 (6 weeks). Cost $115. Limit 10 people (we usually have 7-8). With myself, and 3 people already registered, we have 6 spots open. I'm hoping to have everyone registered and paid by June 20th for this class. We will pick up where we left off: primal rhythm/chord grooves, soaring melodies with accompaniment, improvising, and kick-ass tunes.

Absolute Beginner Class will be on Mondays, 6-7:30pm, from July 6 - August 10 (6 weeks). Those who were in class when we were suddenly cut short have fully paid their class fees. For new students, cost is $115, all materials included (studio violins available @ $20 for the six weeks). New students, please register by June 22.

O'Carolan Session Class will be on Wednesdays, 6-7:30pm, from June 24 - August 12 (8 weeks). Due to several pre-registrations and very limited spots, at this time the class is not open to registration. But please stay tuned... As of June 7, any spots available will be open to our community. Thanks for your patience. If there is a huge interest in this class, we may very well consider a second round of it in the early fall!
Explore & Experience – Anti-Grabbity
During our Zoom lessons, I saw many of you from different angles than I usually do in the studio – which was quite a revelation and somewhat of a shocker! Here's a little ditty I worked up, one day at the ranch, for a student who confessed she had a left-hand death grip on her violin.

More often than not, the "grab-it habit" is tied to the "pincer reflex" between the thumb and first finger. Starting off your practice with an exercise that avoids the first finger can help soak your hand in the feeling of "anti-grabbity." Then, you'll be able to keep that relaxed feeling in mind throughout your practice.
Time to Get Out of our Pajamas
If you've been tending to wear nothing but sweatpants, or maybe even your pajamas, during quarantine, you may be ready for some new wardrobe options as you get out and about more often in this beautiful spring weather. Here are some fun finds for violin lovers. (Alas; I had my heart set on the hedgehog apron, but it's out of stock.)
Cartoon Corner
A big thanks to Martha, who shared this cartoon! If you have a cartoon, a photo of your favorite violin-themed shirt or other possession – or a tune you've written or arranged, a photo of your home violin practice space, a poem, or anything else to share with the Full Circle community, email it to me for possible inclusion in a future newsletter.
Quote of the Week
"Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife." -- Kahlil Jibran
This Week's Two Set Violin Video
21 Excuses for Not Practicing
What's your excuse? (Hint: you'll have to be very, very creative to come up with one that the TwoSet guys haven't already thought of.)
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