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LISH, in collaboration with the Linux Foundation, kicked off the Core Infrastructure Initiative in September 2018 with a meeting at Harvard Business School where 40 members from academia and industry met to identify and explore potential research questions. These questions include: 
  • How can we create a "census" of open source software (OSS) prevalently used in the economy?
  • How can we better understand OSS's effects on the economy and security?
  • Who are the top contributors to OSS and what are their motivations?
  • How can the OSS community adopt practices to enhance the security and efficacy of all?
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Innovation Science Guide 
Introducing the Innovation Science Guide, a comprehensive repository of resources that range from practitioner-focused white papers to peer-reviewed journals to presentations and videos that are all related to the science of innovation. While users will find a range of resources from LISH, they will also find resources from a range of industry partners and fellow academics. Explore here


Innovating with the Crowd
Historians suggest crowdsourcing dates as far back as 1714 when the British government offered £20,000 to solve “The Longitude Problem,” which made sailing dangerous and caused thousands of seamen to perish annually. John Harrison, a carpenter’s son, invented the “marine chronometer,” a highly accurate timepiece that could measure longitude at sea and serve as a navigation aid. Although the aristocrats were reticent to award the prize to a commoner, they gave in, and Harrison ultimately received his prize money. Robin W. Spencer explored “The Longitude Problem” in detail in an RTM article published in 2012. Read More

Make Your Crowd Smart
Facing ever-increasing pressure to innovate, some companies turn to crowdsourcing for new ideas. Many crowdsourcing efforts, however, fall short of expectations or are abandoned. Amazon’s crowdsourced film script submission system, for example, was shut down after failing to attract scripts with global appeal. Quirky, a product invention startup, went bankrupt as it unsuccessfully attempted to crowdsource the entire product development process. Read More
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