DRIMPAC Sixth newsletter is here! DRIMPAC Sixth newsletter is here!
DRIMPAC Sixth newsletter DRIMPAC Sixth newsletter
We arrived at the sixth newsletter of DRIMPAC project. 
These four years of the project have seen the collaboration of partners and individuals with the aim of achieving the goals set at the beginning. Meetings, surveys, and events have been held to better foster interaction between each member and move the project forward. All the informative material and, in particular, the newsletters have provided support in communicating the internal dynamics of the project, to keep you informed of the latest developments in DRIMPAC project, including interviews, upcoming events, project progress and results, information on project partners and other related news. 
This sixth newsletter launches towards the conclusion of the project by recounting and citing updates from these last six months, but nothing is over yet, there is still plenty of news before the end of the project.

DRIMPAC is a four-year project, started in September 2018, funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020, the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

       In this issue you will find:
      DRIMPAC project has received funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 768559
Considering the transition of the electricity sector from a conventional one towards a modern smart grid, closer ties and collaboration among the various stakeholders is required. To that end, CERTH during the activities of the DRIMPAC project, has collaborated with the rest of the project partners to develop, implement and integrate an end-to-end solution. 

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MIWenergia has continued with the installation and commissioning process on its pilot sites. Currently, 54 out of 55 residential sites, all 23 zones in Magalia building and 11 out of 13 zones in Parque Científico have been completed. In this process all participants have been very collaborative and have facilitated the installation work for MIWenergia technicians while showing great interest in the development of DRIMPAC.

The entrusted external electrician has arranged appointments with the participants locally in their buildings. In parallel, we have started to prepare the commissioning process at the SWT office, to avoid mistakes locally in the buildings and to speed up the process. SWT, DRIMPAC team members and the external electrician drove to the participants buildings, which are distributed in the whole region of Trier.

The technological solutions developed in DRIMPAC are a key enabler to make aggregation of small loads possible and bring their flexibility potential to the market. Especially a sound interoperability framework is crucial to integrate various types of devices under the umbrella of one aggregator. However, technological advances are just one side of the medal. 

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The technological solutions developed in DRIMPAC are a key enabler to make aggregation of small loads possible and bring their flexibility potential to the market. Especially a sound interoperability framework is crucial to integrate various types of devices under the umbrella of one aggregator. However, technological advances are just one side of the medal. 

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Was an opportunity to bring our flyers to the
fair and distribute them to visitors to our stand!



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In order to facilitate better communication of the project, a flyer was created to summarize in important concepts, the strategy, the objectives in digital and analog format.

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As a support to the flyers we have included the information in a poster summarizing the project, with the main key points respecting the coordinated image

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Every point of the project reported in the analog and digital drawings has been used for the creation of an animated video able to explain to the user the various steps.

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Publications are one of the most powerful means to disseminate DRIMPAC results, both the partners from academia and from industry use them widely. 
In the first 42months of the project, DRIMPAC published the following papers: 

Sylvia Breukers, Amanda Schibline, Guntram Pressmair, Jake Barnes, Marine
Faber Perrio, Esteban Pastor Calatyud and Lucya Rakocevic “A Business Model Fast Track on Energy Communities-Key Lessons Learned from H2020 EU Projects”, Zia Lennard, Environ. Sci. Proc. 2021, 11(1), 19

G. Navarro, “El prosumidor eléctrico será el actor principal en el sistema del futuro”, La Verdad, 24 November 2019 (Translation in English)

I. Poursanidis, G. Rancilio, E. Kotsakis, G. Fulli, M. Masera, M. Merlo, “A design framework for Citizen Energy Communities in Cities: exploring PV-storage synergies”, 11th IEEE PES Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering, 2019

D. Tzovaras, A. Papanikolaou, G. Pitsiladis, I. G. Damousis and G. Georghiou, “Addressing Demand Response Interoperability challenges for small prosumers – The DRIMPAC project concept”, SyNERGYMED 2019, IEEE, 28-30/05/2019

D. Tzovaras, I. Damousis, A. Papanikolaou, G. Pitsiladis, G.Barbagelata, “DRIMPAC—Unified Demand Response Interoperability Framework Enabling Market Participation of Active Energy Consumers”, Sustainable Places 2019, MDPI, 5-7/06/2019

V. Cambronero Vázquez, J. Corscadden, A. Garrido Marijuan, G. Barbagelata,G. Hamann,M. Grosjean, N. Mendoza, “Integration of Renewables in DHC for Sustainable Living Workshop”, Sustainable Places 2020, MDPI, Proceedings 2020

G. Damousis ; E. Bazouki ; D. Agtzidis ; D. Tzovaras ; P. Barrachina ; R. Perez de Zabalza, “OPENADR-based information and communication infrastructure for implicit demand response scenarios”, The 12th Mediterranean Conference on Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Energy Conversion (MEDPOWER 2020), 2021 p. 276 – 282

All of the produced publications are available open access and on DRIMPAC project website.

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Hypertech’s unit Energy Labs stands as its main R&D actor, specialized in designing and developing innovative ICT solutions for the Smart Grid of the future. Hypertech Energy Labs activities focus on providing flexible solutions for small and medium-sized electricity consumers and integrated solutions for electric utilities and service providers (ESCOs, Aggregators etc.) in the field of demand management. The business strategy of Hypertech includes research and development of advanced technologies, to create a software solutions and products appealing to everyone involved in the electricity market. In DRIMPAC, Hypertech aims to provide a full suite of solutions that will enable the participation of residential end-users in the future demand response programs. This suite includes an IoT monitoring and control system supported by Hypertech’s gateway, an energy management system with advanced flexibility extraction modules developed to interface with demand response market actors and UI applications for the end-users’ engagement.

If you are interested in the hot topic of Demand Response research in the EU, you may find interesting the following projects:
Delta, WHY ProjectNEWCOMERS H2020BECoop H2020, TwinErgySocialRES,  Compile Project and DECIDE Project
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