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Taylor Dilk
Do you find  A L L  of the contrasting
health opinions circling through the media
these days  
C O N F U S I N G?

There are so many different
relating to diet, exercise
and lifestyle, that it becomes easy to
feel overwhelmed! 

I am here to help you girl.
Keep on reading!

Sleep is  J U S T  as important as nutrition and exercise, in fact, it is probably one of the most important pillars of health! That is because our bodies recharge and repair themselves while we are asleep, and in order for our bodies to function optimally we must get 7 - 9 hours each night! Getting in to bed earlier and at the same time every night will allow your body to sync up with its circadian rhythm and ensure that you get plenty of restful sleep!

Waking up and getting your sweat on first thing in the  M O R N I N G  will set your day up for success! Incorporating morning workouts into my daily routine has been an absolute game changer! Starting my day off with a sweat sesh, 
rejuvenates my mind, rids my body of toxins, and sets a 
P O S I T I V E  focus
for my day!


Take the time to figure out what makes your  H E A R T  feel full! Once you start to realize your purpose you will start prioritizing your health - that is because when you are working towards an important goal you will start to truly  
C A R E  about your health 
and how you feel!


I  H I G H L Y  encourage you to focus on sleeping, sweating and figuring out
your purpose! Once you make these three things a priority your health will begin to
change for the  B E T T E R!


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