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Taylor Dilk

We are only 1 week into the challenge and I am feeling SOOOO good already

The 6-week Series, Elevate U, focuses on 6 daily accomplishments that are tasked towards your own personal needs. I wanted to take some time to talk about what each goal means to me.

Today let's talk about diet goals. I have been so lax on my diet these past few months that I really haven't put much thought into my meal choices. I know how my body feels when I focus on providing my body with the nutrients it needs, so that is what I am focusing on these next 6 weeks.

Graduating with a Dietetics degree from Purdue University, I learned a lot about how every micronutrient has a specific need throughout the body to help the body perform optimally. I KNOW these things... I just wasn't practicing them myself anymore.

My main goal is to do this without restricting or depriving myself of any "non nutrient dence" foods. For instance, Steve and I LOVE Little Man ice cream ( you may already be aware of this, lol). But if I am craving it one day, I'm not going to stop myself from getting it because I want to feel as balanced as possible throughout this series. Same with my wine! I have always been one to track every single macro during a "challenge" but this challenge is so much more than that. It is about inner AND outer wellness. Feeling your best in every single way, not just trying to get to your goal body.
I have been LOVINGGG seeing your tagged posts on IG about your progress during the #ElevateU series! We are all in this together and let's keep moving forward taking it one day at a time.
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