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Taylor Dilk
Hello beautiful people!!
I’m finally feeling ready to open up about something I’ve been doing recently. Something ONLY my close friends and family have known about. That something is called Pelvic Floor Therapy.
The reason I’m deciding to talk about this with you is because I feel like NO ONE discusses this and naturally, a taboo is created around it. I feel a responsibility to break it down for you so we can all feel a little more comfortable with this sort of thing!! And hey, maybe one of you is going through something similar and could really find benefit in this type of therapy.
I was experiencing constant back and knee pain. Because of this, I began to research clinics that could potentially help me. That is when I found Activcore, a Physical Therapy and Performance Clinic in Cherry Creek, Colorado. I initially went in for what I thought would just be physical therapy. Little did I know, the therapist I had an appointment with (Rachel Newall) actually specializes in Pelvic Floor Therapy!

She taught me all about trigger points (specifically, those of the pelvic floor) and that if everything **down there… lol… catching my drift?** is super tense, pain may begin to exhibit itself in different body parts. Common pain occurrences due to a tense pelvic floor can include: knee pain, back pain, bad period cramps, and even jaw pain. Rachel encouraged me to consider utilizing Pelvic Floor Therapy.

At first I was scared and skeptical to move forward with the therapy. This was for a couple of reasons: 1) she does an “internal” exam and “internal” stretches every single appointment… I wasn’t sure I was ready for that. 2) could this TRULY be the cause of all my pain??? Would it be worth it? I decided to take a chance and move forward with it anyway.
It has been almost 2 months since I began Pelvic Floor Therapy and here is what I have noticed in terms of bodily and mental response:
  • Last week for the first time in my life, I had NO back pain after my leg workout. This brought me so much mental clarity in the gym! I didn’t have to focus on “omg will this hurt my knee? What if my back spasms because of that?”
  • Last week I had NO knee pain after Lagree. This allows me to be SO present during Lagree and just focus on working and building those muscles!
  • I have always experienced incredibly intense period cramps... and for the first time in my life, the pain has decreased over 50%. Game. Changer.
  • I actually have LESS anxiety these past 2 months than I have in the past year. I don’t know for sure if it is correlated, but I do imagine the calming of these tense muscles has played at least a small part in my overall health.
Rachel has been absolutely amazing and helpful through this entire process. She has made me feel comfortable and empowered during and after every single appointment. She has helped in the process of decreasing and (hopefully, over the long term) eliminating knee and back pain. Not having nagging knee and back pain? I feel like a new woman! She has truly changed my life!
This is super uncomfortable to talk about and is actually a very personal thing, but I did feel the need to tell you because it has changed my life so much. And while we’re discussing it… you know those “Pelvic Floor Workout Guides” that are plastered on instagram? DO NOT buy into those. My PT says they are a bunch of bologna, as it can just be a bandaid over the actual root of the issue. The things that will truly help are the internal exams/stretches, as well as daily exercises your PT will give you.
If you are on the fence about Pelvic Floor Therapy, I recommend just going for it! It never hurts to just try!!! It may actually help change your life in so many ways, like it did mine.
I love you all and I hope you have such a great week! Thank you for sticking with me through what can be an uncomfortable topic. LOVE YOU!!!!!
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