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Taylor Dilk

Hello beautiful people!

It has been a HOT minute! I thought I would take some time to update you on
what has been going on in my world :) 

After the “ElevateU” series, I am not gonna lie, my daily habits have not been the same. I haven’t been doing my stretching, I’ve been eating out far too often because of my crazy schedule, and overall I’ve been letting stress and business run my life again.

That being said…it was the perfect time to
get away to Cabo for a 5 day vacation. We took our entire Balance team with us to treat them for working hard every single day.
Before Cabo, we launched Aura which… well… you all blew us COMPLETELY away
with your support and orders. I hope you’ve been LOVING all your goodies.
We are currently working on an exciting NEW business venture that I think you guys are going to be UNREAL pumped for. Plus… we just launched the Journey Collection this past week. Have you checked it out?! 

Aside from all of that, we are focusing on continuing to bring our best every single day. We are trying to become completely immersed in consistently trying to be better than we were yesterday.

And as a PS: I have taken a step back from being a full-time “influencer”, and now focus solely on Balance, with some occasional focus on 1st Phorm. All while trying to make FUN and HELPFUL content for you all too. I always want people to look at my social media outlets and walk away feeling inspired, refreshed, or even have learned a new workout.

We are still keeping up with podcasting once a week *LINKED HERE* so if you have any suggestions for “The Balance Show” topics, please DM @thebalanceshow on IG
and let us know!!

Steve and I have been having family and friends come visit often and we are trying really hard to maintain a work life balance. After Cabo we realized we need to take time AWAY from home. Even if that’s just in the mountains for a night! For those wondering, my dad is doing amazing and his tumors are shrinking with his new immunotherapy - #GodIsGood.
I’m currently doing F45 2 days a week, Lagree 1 day a week, and lifting 2 days a week. I’m not putting too much pressure on myself to push too hard or heavy, but rather, to focus on what makes my body feel GOOD, functional, and limber.
ANDDD that’s all I can think of :)

I am back on the schedule of shooting you an email
every Monday at 11am MST so thank you for being patient and I love you and your support more than you know!
Shop my go-to supplements. #iam1stphorm
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