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Taylor Dilk

Happy Monday beautiful people!!

Today I wanted to spin off of a podcast
topic I did last week (listen here!):
How To Build Your Social Media

I started my IG and Youtube 5 years ago when I was a Junior in college. I decided one day that I was going to try and
help people in any way that I could regarding fitness and health. I believed that the IG platform was going to be huge and that hopefully one day, it would provide me with career opportunities. 

From that day on, I stuck to my vision, posted every single day, and have poured my heart into these platforms. Needless to say, I have some advice for you if you are trying to start growing your social media platforms and create a business out of them!

Here are the
12 points of advice that I have for you, but if you would like these in depth please listen to the podcast! :) 
1. Pour your heart out (captions, videos, responding back to people, etc.)

2. Stay relatable (as you gain success, just know that the number on your social media means NOTHING. Stay humble)

3. Be yourself

4. Create QUALITY content
5. Write captions when you feel inspired (take your notes on your phone and write)

6. Find an area of focus (body positivity, art, fashion, etc) WITH still sharing some of your life as a whole

7. Don't listen to the unsupportive people around you– cut those ties.

8. When you start, people are going to think that what you are doing is strange. Over time, they will understand.
9. If you have the companies you love and support, stick with THOSE companies. (Example: ONE supplement line, ONE clothing line, ONE spray tan gal, etc etc). Helps your following trust your advice more.

10. Get a second opinion on your content that you are posting

11. Do NOT look at the number of following you have motivate you. You WILL get discouraged– do it because you love it, see a great opportunity, and help others through your platform

12. There is NO secret. Be the hardest worker in the room.
Have an amazing week <3 
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