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Taylor Dilk


I have been thinking a lot lately as to how much I let work take over my life. It's so great to bring your best self towards your job/career to move closer to your goals, but what happens when we forget to take care of ourselves?

Running on E, Feeling overwhelmed, careless food choices, rushed morning routines... sound familiar?

That's why we (myself, the Balance team, and maybe even YOU...if you choose :) ) are dedicating the next 6 weeks to elevate ourselves in every way we can. Physically, mentally and spiritually.

Start date: AUGUST 5th
This is leading up to our VERY FIRST Pop-Up Shop in Vegas!!

Here is what we will be doing:

1 Hour of Movement

Can be walking, hiking, yoga, lifting,
you name it. You can even split the time
up that day! 


Drink 1 Gallon of Water

Pretty self explanatory but it's easy to
lose track.
Go to Walmart or Target and
grab some liter bottles. 


Adherence to a Morning Routine

Can be meditating, reading for 10 min,
devotional, you name it. Whatever you
choose, stick to it.
Don't even look at
your phone for a while!

Complete Diet Goals

This is different for everyone. Can be
tracking macros, eating MORE, focusing
on nutrient dense foods, you name it.
Everyones goals are going to be different. 

10 Minutes of Stretching Before Bed

This is life changing... just ask Steve lol.

7-8 Hours of Sleep

CRUCIAL to your progress.

This will be a writing prompt that will elevate your ideas, goals, dreams, and ultimately, well-being. We will give these to you at the start of every week on my youtube channel, Eri's, Chole's, and/or instagram (@balanceathletica or @taychayy).

We are SOOOO excited to bring our BEST selves and grow from it in the unexpected ways that we all will.

We hope you join us and if you do,
our hashtag will be #ElevateU :)


Have a great week xoxo

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