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Taylor Dilk
Hello beautiful people! Happy Monday ❤️ 

I know times are so weird and wild right now, so I wanted to share with you something that has helped turn this situation into a personal growth overhaul. Here are THREE ways that this quarantine has changed me for the better:

I have been go-go-go with my career, every singe day, since I graduating from college 5 years ago. I have this habit where if I don't work until 5PM everyday (even if all my work is complete), I will somehow find more to add to my plate. During this quarantine, I have been able to make a HUGE shift in mindset. If I am done for the day, and if it’s before 5PM, I am done. And that's ok! My daily schedule, while still insanely jam-packed, has been minimized to the important things I need to get done for the day and the rest, I am free to do other things like read, organize, and get creative! Life is all about that #balance.
I have been able to create functional, zen rooms in my house that I realized I was lacking in the past. These spaces have been incredibly conducive to building and maintaining a positive mental headspace. For example, my office. It used to be a cluttered fashion room before quarantine, and now, I have taken the minimalist approach and have created a very calming space that motivates me to focus and get things done. Another example is organizing my kitchen pantry or linen closets. When you walk into a space, it should give you a sense of joy, and that's exactly what I have had the time to do because of this quarantine.

This quarantine has allowed me to assess and re-allocate the time I have to interact with loved ones, which has been very helpful for my mind (that is usually scatterbrained when I’m running a million miles an hour). During this time, I have made it a priority to Facetime and text friends and family more than ever. Getting to focus on connecting with loved ones has helped me feel so happy and fulfilled. From my friends and family doing virtual wine dates, to sending funny TikToks back and forth for some comic relief, I have been able to keep up to date with their lives, and have ALSO been able to spend more quality time with Steve.
I would HIGHLY encourage you to write out some ways that this quarantine has impacted you in a positive way. It has helped me realize how God has been working in my life right now!

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