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Taylor Dilk

Happy Monday!

Last week Chloe and I recorded a podcast episode on building self-confidence. We spoke from experience and gave tips that have helped us gain our own self-confidence over the years!

Here is my experience:

Going to the Gym!

Moving my body helps me realize
how strong I am physically & mentally,
and allows me to connect my soul to
my physical being
– oneness. 


Knowing That God
Makes No Mistakes

God made me exactly how I am
supposed to be
, and all of my life
experiences have impacted who I am
and who I am becoming. We are
constantly evolving and growing. 

Getting Outside of my Comfort Zone,
and Doing the Things That Terrify Me

This has shown me that I can conquer
the hard things regardless of the fear
that my ego tends to grasp onto.

Surrounding Myself With People
Who Truly Love Me

and push me to be better.
I feed off of the energy surrounding me,
so I choose who I spend my time with wisely. 

Having an Outlet That Allows me
to Express My Passions

Balance Athletica has shown me the
importance of working with a purpose,
and spending my time doing the things
that bring me joy while also helping others. 

Final note: the only constant in life is change. By choosing to adopt a growth mindset, and flow with the beauty of the good and bad we begin to appreciate everything that we are.


Have an amazing week!!! <3

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