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Taylor Dilk

Shredding body fat and boosting
W I T H O U T tracking
a single macro and spending hours
in the gym.

Shredding body fat and boosting
W I T H O U T tracking
a single macro and spending hours
in the gym.

You can make this a reality! My EMOMS4LYFE 
Programs have not
O N L Y transformed my 
physique and how I approach working out, 
but also have helped hundreds of other 
women attain their goals.
Every Minute On The Minute. A method
I used over the summer last year to get
my butt back in shape after my bulking
season. I had just stopped tracking
macros for the first time in
Y E A R S,
and wanted to try something other
than bodybuilding workouts. 
I started doing EMOM workouts about
4-5 days a week combined with
nutrient dense foods
 (eating intuitively
but making mostly healthier choices)
and the body fat started to melt off.
I then created my EMOMS4LYFE Programs
because I just
H A D to share with
the world
that you can still make
progress without killing yourself
physically and mentally!
By eating mostly nutrient dense foods,
drinking your water, getting your sleep,
and hitting your workouts. But I think you
are going to surprise yourself by how
balanced and
H A P P Y you’ll feel
after making your health a priority.

I have two EMOMS4LYFE programs:
EMOMS4LYFE I: Solely at home, all you
need is a kettlebell and dumbbell
mine at Target). This is strictly a body fat
loss program. All workouts range
from 25-40 minutes.

EMOMS4LYFE II: Weight training (2 days) 
and EMOMS (3 days). This gives you a mix
ofstrength and sculpting, as well as burning
body fat.
The two weight training days you will
need a gym. Again, all workouts are quick
and rangefrom 25-50 minutes.

You can also get both programs as a PDF here!

If you’ve completed the guides, I’d L O V E to see your transformations! You can always email your photos and/or physical and mental transformations.

Love you guys, and let’s have a killer week!

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