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Hey, Abby here! :) 
Green is popping up, joy is spreading, soon trees will be filling out again! (Just ignore the snow that we awoke to this morning...) Spring is a wonderful time to reflect on God's goodness, creation, and the new life He continuously offers. With that, THANK YOU for being here and for being a part of our support team! Following this call with Half Step has been made possible because of you all and we are so grateful. 

We have a few big updates for you:

What's Happening at Half Step!

  • We are in the planning stages for two separate Half Step or Half Step-like ministries in Northern Colorado. These churches have leaders that want to direct the ministry, however the timing is very loose for when these might move forward as it all depends on the readiness of the local church leaders and COVID restrictions. We are hopeful that at least one will be able to launch in the Fall! 
  • With the weather changing and receiving our COVID vaccines, I've been able to get back into meeting with the two young leaders I've been discipling more frequently, which has been great! It’s been a blessing to be able to invite people into our home/backyard to pour into them.
  • Brayden has started hosting “Spikeball Saturdays” for high schoolers and young adults to hang out in our backyard as an avenue to continue investing in young people and building community. One of the non-believers from Half Step at Faith, Alex, has been coming and even brought his girlfriend last time! 
  • I am working hard to maintain better, more frequent communication with our supporters (ie better email updates and more frequent updates on our Instagram page) and updating our website to provide resources for the future Half Step programs.
  • We're in communication with the leaders at Faith and at Clearwater about doing a Half Step Camp this July with multiple churches. We hope this could offer a great way to launch new programs in the Fall and to build community among churches in town. 
Spikeball Saturdays (top), Website updates (bottom left), Instagram updates (bottom right)

Lyrics from Seasons by Hillsong

This journey with Half Step has been a prolonged season of waiting for us and it has been very difficult to focus on the blessings that have happened on this journey rather than the failures or lack of "progress". Yet, God called us here.
We know we have so much to figure out still on how to do this well and honestly, it is discouraging sometimes. We need to reevaluate and reinvent some methods or plans we had and that's caused questions for us about what we are doing. But these are things we know for certain:

  • God called us to see youth outreach expanded in Northern Colorado.
  • God gave us hearts for the non-churched high school students in our area.
  • God gave us a passion for the local church.
  • God called us to make disciples and young leaders.
So we are going to keep trying to figure out how to do this as best we can with what God has given us! We're trusting that God thought this process would make us better and more effective for His Kingdom and so I'm going to lean into it. Thank you so much for your patience and grace with us as we figure out the "how" to this calling!

How You Can Help:

  • We need to keep praying for new leaders at Half Step at Faith as they have a big transition of leadership coming their way this Fall as Brayden, myself and their current director, Alicia will all be officially stepping out.
  • Brayden is currently taking on a second job to provide for our family after losing income from Trailhead and to take some time to heal. Please pray this job is a good fit that allows us to balance things well!
  • Pray for Half Step Camp- the planning and recruiting process. If you have resources that you would like to donate for camp or you would like to be a part of serving at this camp somehow, please contact me! We would love your help. :)
  • Very importantly, pray for our family and marriage to remain healthy and rooted in Christ as we navigate a very different, busy season. 
As always, THANK YOU so much for making it this far in our newsletter! We can't accurately express how grateful we are for your love and support through this hard journey. We are so thankful for the opportunity to do ministry in this way and that's possible because of you.

We love you guys,
Abby and Brayden
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