Can you believe that we have made it through another year already? As this year comes to a close, we're again reminded of God's faithfulness, healing, and provision. This year had its bumps for sure, but God provided for our needs, mended wounds that had been bleeding for awhile, and gave us hope. YOU have been a part of that in this journey of Half Step Ministries and we again want to say thank you! Here are a couple highlights from the past month...

Discipleship Group

This week when our discipleship group had finished meeting, one of the young women (who I've met with as a mentor for the past 4 years) approached me (Abby) after the others had left and said, "Thank you for this. I know you've been a mentor to me for awhile, but thank you for this friendship that this relationship is becoming."

This felt significant to me because so often we can believe that a mentor role in the church is to "oversee", offer advice, or provide accountability, but kind of keep our distance personally.  Almost an "I know your problems but you shouldn't know mine" relationship.

Mentors and disciple makers are crucial to our walks with Jesus (especially when we're starting), but I think if we're doing it like Jesus would, then the people we're discipling will grow just as much from seeing our vulnerability and depth displayed and shared well, as well as our insight and wisdom learned. This is the approach that I've been taking in our discipleship group and I'm already seeing the impact.  As a result of trust offered and built, we eventually step into community and friendship with the ones we're mentoring.  I'm so thankful for the time I've had with these ladies so far and for what else will come from our time together!

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Half Step at Faith will be hosting their fall concert this Sunday. This is their first concert without us and with a new Director, so please be praying for things to go as smoothly as they can!  We've been helping them prepare in what ways we can and are praying that this is a good experience for the students and the team celebrating what they've worked hard on all semester. 
Mill City

Brayden was able to visit the youth group at Mill City this last week to start building relationships with the team and students. We're excited to see what relationships will come from this opportunity and we are praying that it leads to creating a strong foundation for a possible Half Step to be built at this church. 
We have really enjoyed settling into Mill City as our place of worship and community and we're looking into which city groups we want to be a part of and/or where we should serve in the next year. 
Family, friends, we are so grateful for you and we want to wish you a JOYFUL Christmas season and New Year! You have been a blessing to our family over and over and we pray we may be the same for you and others in our lives however God leads us. 
We pray that this season you are reminded of God's unconditional, never failing love for us and those around us in a profound way. 

With love, 
Brayden & Abby (and Avi and Benji)
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