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Hello friends and neighbors,

The Elect Emily 4 PA Youth Team has an exciting new project: a campaign newsletter! The Youth Team is a group of incredible high school and college students who are dedicated to electing Emily to the Pennsylvania State House. During this stressful time of social distancing, we want to innovate new ways to bring you informative, fun, community-based content! We are excited for you to get to know us through this newsletter!

When can you expect to get this newsletter?

This will be a bi-weekly newsletter that goes out to you all every other Sunday. Our debut issue will be coming out on Sunday April 19th!

What can you expect from this newsletter?

First and foremost, we want to use this newsletter as a link to the community. While we may include the link for you to donate in the emails, this newsletter is NOT about fundraising. We will send out information about important events and resources for community members, but we also want this newsletter to be interactive, engaging, and fun for you all to read! We are excited to create content for you like:

  • Personal notes from Emily
  • Campaign updates like our best phone banking conversations, how many postcards we wrote during the week, and our digital events
  • Firsthand testimonials from our amazing volunteers and team of terrific campaign fellows
  • A “Local Business of the Week” series
  • Videos with other local officials who represent PA-28
  • A series on the unsung heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic response where we will be profiling the courageous nurses, grocery store workers, emergency responders, and more from this district

Everyone on our Emily’s campaign staff and Youth Team is learning to adjust to our new campaign strategies now that we are unable to knock doors and hold in-person events, and we are incredibly excited to launch this newsletter as a way to connect with voters and volunteers in Emily’s district! We understand if you are not interested in hearing community and campaign updates through this medium, and you have the option to unsubscribe from this list

Campaign Update

This week, Emily received a delivery of 1000 yard signs! While maintaining proper social distancing practices, Emily and our deputy campaign manager, Tim, unloaded over twenty boxes of Skopov for State Representative yard signs!
Sign up to recieve a yard sign here!
Our first community highlight is a pesonal message from two amazing members of our Youth Team: Ben Gonzalez and Lauren Rock


The first word that comes to mind when I think of Emily and her campaign is authentic. By speaking to her and hearing what she has to say, you can immediately tell that she actually cares. This is not about power, keeping the same job or being in control. For her, this is about changing things that need to be changed. For too long, we see things not getting done that should have been done ages ago. We see bills getting sat on that have bipartisan agreement, and we see people using their power to pursue their own agenda, not the agenda of the people. 

    To the Youth Team--especially in times like this, where the future is increasingly unclear--community is often something taken for granted; it has value unnoticed until certain circumstances prevent everyday life. You don’t realize how much you miss seeing your coworkers, classmates, friends, and family everyday until it’s advised that you drop your daily routine. Many of us still eagerly await the day our leaders tell us we can resume our daily lives. 

    Now more than ever, we need to be able to trust our elected officials in government. To earn our trust, candidates for office have to embody what we value as a community: honesty, courage, and perseverance. We believe our community deserves someone who is tireless, persistent, and dedicated. We believe our candidate, Emily Skopov, who has shown time after time that community comes first through her authentic and down-to-earth campaign, is the person fit for the job. 

    Emily, just by running her campaign and hearing people’s concerns, naturally brings people within the community together. The two of us, Lauren and Ben, met after Emily heard about our work calling for gun-control reform at 2018’s March For Our Lives event downtown. She invited just the two of us to come talk with her at a Wexford Starbucks, bought us drinks, discussed the relevant issues, and got to know us. In the process, we connected and ended up working together for Emily in 2018; you might have met us when we knocked on your doors, phoned you to talk about the issues, or maybe when you came to visit Emily’s old office. If Emily had never run for office or just cared about what young people like us did (and do), we wouldn’t have met. Thanks to Emily just being herself, she connected two people who were able to convey your words to the rest of the state--to the rest of the country--loud and clear.

Emily Skopov is someone that not only gets things done, but does so with an unmatched passion to represent her friends and colleagues. The Youth Team works hard for Emily simply because we know she will work hard for us in office. We’re excited to work to elect Emily because we know first hand how much she cares, and we can’t wait to bring that much needed compassion to Harrisburg.

--Ben and Lauren

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