Thursday, April 14, 2022

 -State Sen. Frank S. Higley (R-TN) with an inspiring history lesson

Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine on a hunch that the West was too divided and decadent to stop him and Ukraine too weak to put up a fight in its own defense. Let’s check in on how that’s all working out shall we?

  • Ukraine dealt the Russian military a serious and humiliating blow early Thursday morning by sinking Russia’s flagship missile cruiser, the Moskva, in the Black Sea. While there are conflicting reports as to the nature of the missile strike, Ukrainian officials have taken credit for destroying the vessel. (Russia is sticking to the claim that the ship actually sank while being towed in a storm. Romantic!)
  • The White House reportedly plans to send a top U.S. official to Ukraine to meet with Zelenskyy in the coming days as a symbolic display of support for Ukraine, and a demonstration of Ukraine’s success securing large parts of the country, which were recently under assault. Speculation continues on just exactly how high ranking an official we’re talking on a scale of Antony Blinken to Biden himself, but depending whom you ask Joe’s ready to go.
  • Meanwhile, a pattern is emerging whereby even Putin’s best pals in Europe—the ones who want to rule countries and weaken NATO—must pretend to dislike him when they’re facing voters. “The trial I am subjected to is particularly unfair,” whined France’s far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, over accusations that she’s too close to Russia (LePen has, in fact, taken money from Putin).

These are just the latest pies in Russia’s face, none of which have been lost on Vlad the Bad.

  • Russia casually threatened to aim its nukes at Finland and Sweden if either country decides to join NATO, echoing comments from top Russian officials last week. While Finland’s Prime Minister, Sanna Mirella, said yesterday her country was prepared to make a decision quickly, Sweden’s government will be reviewing its position on joining the military alliance in the coming months.
  • Meanwhile, European Union officials have begun drafting an embargo on Russian oil exports, a move long delayed by Germany’s dependence on imported natural gas as well as the potential impact higher oil prices might have on the upcoming French election. Negotiations among the E.U. countries will begin after April 24th, the day of the French election, and the E.U. hopes to adopt a phased-in ban to lessen the economic pressure on countries more dependent on the Russian oil supply. For his part, Putin has finally admitted that oil and gas sanctions have hurt his economy.

It’s perfectly reasonable for the majority of Americans who oppose Putin’s war to bask in a bit of schadenfreude at Russia’s expense. But we should all remember that the leader of the Republican Party corruptly wanted to leave Ukraine defenseless—and got impeached for it. The situation today would be very different if Donald Trump had won re-election—or if he somehow becomes president again.

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House lawmakers on two key committees have launched an investigation of the identity-verification contractor, based on serious efficacy and security concerns over the private company’s enormous contracts with 10 federal agencies and 30 state governments. If you’re out of the loop on recent dystopian developments that make you want to throw your iPhone into the ocean and disappear into the woods forever, is the contractor behind a beleaguered, $86 million IRS plan to require taxpayers to scan their faces with computers or smartphones to access their digital records. Meanwhile, state governments used the technology during the pandemic to verify the identities of people seeking unemployment assistance. Despite loads of evidence that facial recognition carries serious privacy and security risks, and disproportionately fails to identify non-white users, government agencies have been increasingly reliant on the largely unregulated new technology for disbursing services and benefits to Americans. Let’s hope this investigation helps slow down our government’s confident careening into the unproven and untested weird future of RoboCop-approved technologies (at least until the next time we host the Olympics).

California Senator Diane Feinstein’s faculties and memory have deteriorated at an alarming rate over the last few years, according to a lengthy exposé by the San Francisco Chronicle, which cites the experience of several anonymous Hill staffers and colleagues. While doubts of the near-nonagenarian’s fitness to serve have persisted throughout recent years, the Chronicle found three former staffers, four U.S. Senators (including three Democrats), and a California Democratic member of Congress claiming her condition has deteriorated significantly in recent months. Colleagues told the Chronicle that her condition can vary day to day, but on her worst days Feinstein seems to not recognize even longtime colleagues. Feinstein, who is 88 years old, is elected to serve through 2024, and has already filed paperwork to run again. If Democrats retain control of the Senate in next year’s midterms, Senator Feinstein would become the Senate’s pro tem, putting her third in line for the presidency.

If it’s Earth Month, it’s April. You’re shedding layers and getting ready for more time outdoors, and you have to ask yourself: what’s on my feet? Comfort comes first, whether you’re running to catch your train or getting your steps in. But that doesn’t mean looks can’t be a close second.

Lightweight yet durable, CARIUMA’s OCA sneaker is made ethically and sustainably from materials like organic cotton, recycled plastic, and natural rubber. But the biggest difference between these sneakers and your old canvas sneakers? OCA is actually comfortable.

CARIUMA designed their cork + memory foam insoles to mold to your foot, to ensure a perfect fit. Your standard memory foam is a kind of plastic made from petroleum, but theirs is made from organic mamona oil, which is plant-based—never plastic.

We love CARIUMA because they really do have a style and color for everyone, from bright pink and yellow, to classic neutrals, pastels and prints. They’re also famously collaborative—we heard they just dropped a spring collection with Pantone, and a limited-edition sneaker with Atari, for all you nostalgic heads out there.

CARIUMA takes care of the planet and their carbon footprint, and they’re leveling up this commitment to celebrate Earth Month. And from April 22nd to the 30th, your sneakers plant not two, but 10 trees, which helps to restore biodiversity to the Brazilian rainforest.

As always, CARIUMA ships all their sneakers free & fast in the USA and offers worldwide shipping & 60 day FREE returns.

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Booster shots of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine bolster the immune response of 5-11 year-old children, according to the companies.

The FDA has granted emergency-use authorization to the first Covid-19 breathalyzer test.

For one glorious day in March, wind turbines produced more energy than coal and nuclear power, a historic first.

A federal appeals court has rejected Devin Nunes’ defamation appeal against CNN, meaning the disgraced former congressman will have to find another life raft to hold onto when Truth Social (Twitter, but somehow worse) gasps its final Truth.

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