The Ohio Organizing Collaborative — a Veatch grantee made up of 20 organizations working to expand social, racial and economic equality across the state — has similarly been engaged in substantive civic engagement work. Since 2012, the group has registered more than 390,000 Ohioans to vote, and has worked to dramatically increase municipal election turnout. 

The group engages in civic engagement work, in part, as a strategy to build power with community members to advance campaigns related to socioeconomic equality — work that continues to unfold all year long. Towards that end, the organization educates communities about the importance of participating in the political process, while also developing the organizing skills of its leaders, to advance campaigns on criminal justice and police accountability, expanding access to harm reduction strategies, eliminating student debt, and more.  

The group's goals extend well past November — in the next 15-20 years, the Ohio Organizing Collaborative is looking to activate a 400,000 person multi-racial governing base, across 44 counties, with the goal of winning campaigns on progressive issues.

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