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Herkimer, The World's Largest Beetle
Colorado Springs, CO

Last year I had a photo shoot in Clovis, New Mexico. I decided to fly into Denver and drive to New Mexico so I could make a pit stop to see Herkimer in Colorado Springs on the way back. That wasn't a good idea for numerous reasons but it's too long of a story to get into.
Anyway, if you ever find yourself in Colorado Springs, there is absolutely no reason for you to find and or visit the World's Largest Beetle. Take a hike at the Garden of the Gods
Read more about Herkimer here.  
I just got copies of Andy Brennan's Uncultivated.
If you don't know Andy, he's the proprietor of Aaron Burr Cider, probably the best Apple Cidery in New York.
We met a few years ago for a photo shoot for DVEight Magazine and I'm happy to see this outtake make the cover of his book. 
I've been leafing through the book the past week and it's a really excellent read. Definitely pick up a copy of this book if you are interested in apples and cider making.

*I was commissioned by DVEight Magazine to make this photo and then the photo was licensed by the book publisher for use on the cover. They sent me 6 copies of this book but I am not being paid to promote this. 
Two month old Brahma Hen

Six Brahma chickens have been added to the flock.  
They are often referred to as the "King of all Poultry" according to the first line of this article
Stay tuned for updates or follow @tiny_flock on Instagram for high quality chicken photography. 

This week I want to recommend the G-Drive mobile SSD* a fast and tiny hard drive.  
I was working on a somewhat earnest review of this hard drive but then I realized how dumb and pointless it was. Listen, it's a tiny hard drive. I use it and it's never failed me. I have a number of them. I'm just amazed how small these things have gotten. What are these going to look like in 10 years? Are we first generation cyborgs? What have we become? What have we done!!!

*This is an associate link and if you click it and buy anything on amazon I get a small percentage. 
Also check out:

Why city flags may be the worst-designed thing you've never noticed - Roman Mars' TED talk. It's a few years old but if you haven't seen it just watch it. It's fascinating, hilarious and inspiring. Also, if you don't listen to 99% Invisible you absolutely need to add it to your podcast list. 66% of the episodes are great. 

Seeking Justice for Sergei Magnitsky (With Bill Browder) - Stay Tuned with Preet. I remember listening to this when it came out and being blown away by how good it was. It was so good, I remember where I was when I heard it (driving home from Buffalo). Sure enough, it won the Webby for best Individual Podcast Episode. Seriously. Listen to it. You'll learn something.

Have you heard of Stitch Fix? I'd rather clean a bathroom than go to shopping for clothing. I've been wearing the same jeans and t-shirts for the past 4 years and I seriously needed some new shit. I heard an ad for this company so I decided to check it out. I actually like 25 percent of the things that they send me. That's worth not going to a store. If you are interested click the link and check it out. I get $25 you get $25 if you sign up. 

That's it for now.
Feel free to email me and tell me what your preferred food delivery box is. 

See you next week. 
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