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Interest in verifiable digital credentials and open standards continues to spread globally: the Government of Canada is the latest to announce a partnership with Learning Machine to issue self-verifying digital records for "Free Agents" as part of its Talent Cloud initiative. This past month, Learning Machine has also led conversations at events across France, Germany, and the United States on how the power and interoperability of digital credentials is unlocked with standards-based approaches such as Blockcerts. We're proud to be pushing for this progress alongside other multinational organizations that include Microsoft, Accenture, Omidyar Network, the British Council, and others. 


Government of Canada Talent Cloud Initiative
On May 30, as part of the Open Government Partnership Summit, Alex Benay, CIO of Canada, announced: "As part of a one-year project being co-developed by the GC Talent Cloud team and the Digital Identity Unit at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS), together with Learning Machine, Government of Canada ‘Free Agents’ will be issued Blockcerts, a permanent, self-owned and secure record of their skills and experiences.”


Microsoft, Learning Machine, and others help launch Sidetree/ION.
Microsoft announced a preview for an emerging set of open standards designed to anchor Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) to public blockchains at scale in a cost-efficient way. Learning Machine is proud to support this new network. The DID specification is currently in development by the W3C, offering many feature and security benefits, which will become an important part of Blockcerts future development.


Consensus 2019:  Social Impact Panel
Accenture hosted a panel discussion at Consensus 2019 on how to leverage Blockchain for positive social impact. Learning Machine CEO Chris Jagers joined MasterCard, MercyCorps, Heifer, and the World Wildlife Fund in discussing dominant blockchain use cases, verifiable digital records and improved supply chain infrastructure, particularly for food.
Rhoades Lecture at the Michigan State Medical Society Annual Meeting
The Michigan State Medical Society is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians. On May 17th, Natalie Smolenski, Learning Machine SVP, presented how blockchain can help realize the promise of physician-owned credentials and patient-owned medical records as part of the Rhoades Lecture for the MSMS Annual Meeting.
IMS Global LILI Award Finalist
Feng Hou, CIO of Central New Mexico Community College, and Natalie Smolenski, SVP Learning Machine, presented at IMS Global's annual Learning Impact Leadership Institute to showcase how CNM is empowering students with lifelong digital credentials that they can stack, share, and verify instantly and for free, anywhere in the world.
The British Council: Going Global 2019
Natalie Smolenski, SVP at Learning Machine, presided over a panel discussion about the impact of blockchain on higher education for the British Council's "Going Global" Annual Meeting. Key questions in the discussion, entitled "Structuring Knowledge and Decisions," centered around the blockchain's role as a new kind of trust infrastructure and the capabilities that enables, as well as the ethical issues that institutions should consider when implementing blockchain solutions.
Blockchain, Open Education & Digital Citizenship: University of Lille
Organized by the University of Lille and the Commonwealth Centre for Connected Learning, the conference examined the the scope of enabling technologies like Blockchain in the field of education. Learning Machine's Julien Fraichôt, Matthieu Collé, and Natalie Smolenski presented multiple sessions highlighting the Blockcerts open standard and Learning Machine's work in Malta on the world's first national blockchain credentialing initiative.


Our Approach
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