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October 2020 Newsletter

PSGSC Monthly Meeting / Break-out Groups 


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October 10, 2020

1-3 pm

Dr. Steve Blake & Catherine Blake

Food and Nutrition for Parkinson's Disease.



Dr. Steve Blake, Doctor of Science and author of the book, Parkinson's Disease: Dietary Regulation of Dopamine, will present new research showing us how to decrease tremors and preserve dopamine-producing brain cells. New information in this presentation includes reducing the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and dementia in Parkinson's disease. 

Catherine Blake, author of the book, Parkinson's Disease Cookbook, will show you how to make delicious, healthy recipes to improve dopamine production.


Steve Blake, ScD is a Doctor of Science specializing in Nutritional Biochemistry. He is Director of Nutritional Neuroscience at the Maui Memory Clinic. He worked as Faculty Nutritional Biochemist at Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience for years. He just published a clinical study in the Journal of Brain Sciences on reversing dementia. He is research director at the Neuroscience Nutrition Foundation. He has presented grand rounds at many hospitals. He is author of 16 major works on the effects of nutrition on health (

Television chef Catherine Blake, BA, BD, is President of the Neuroscience Nutrition Foundation and a contributing author to the Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine, 2019. She is the Nutrition Educator at Maui Memory Clinic and was at the Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience Center for years. Among many other studies, in 2016 she completed her Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate, from eCornell Center for Nutrition Studies.


Upcoming Events

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Dance Classes


Topic: Parkinson's Dance with Brigid & Torri

Time: Oct 8, 2020 1:00-2:00 PM

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Time: Oct 22, 2020 1:00-2:00PM

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Dance with Torri & Brigid

Every Tuesday in October & November 1-2 pm

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Women with Parkinson’s:

Everyone welcome to join


October 21: 12:30-2 pm

12:30-2:00 pm

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Caregiver Support Groups

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November Monthly Meeting
Date: November 14 1:00-3:00 PM

Speaker: TBA


To all in our PSGSC Family,


This has been a very trying time for Napa and Sonoma Counties. We have had very high temperatures, fires, 30 days of Spare-the-Air and PGE shutoffs. Many have been evacuated, more than once. All of this is traumatizing, especially on top of the isolation of the pandemic.


We feel very strongly that we need to be together—see each other on Zoom Meetings, take an exercise class or join a support group. These opportunities to socialize, learn something, warm up our bodies are so important to our well-being. Please look at our offerings and find a way to join us. Let us know if you are having trouble joining. There is assistance available through PANC.


Take care of yourself and those you love. This is a time to be open-hearted and caring about ourselves, our animals, and our environments. We will get through this and arrive at our new normal. ’Til then, we look forward to seeing you on-line soon.


Nancy Wilson

PSGSC President, 2020




Please check our website ( under “Resources” for many documents with ideas for health, exercise, caregiving, and managing PD.

Here is a resource message from PANC (Parkinson’s Association of No. Calif.):

“We at PANC are thinking of all of you during these trying times of wildfires and Covid 19. We want to reach out to you and make sure you are aware of a terrific emergency resource from the Parkinson Foundation.

This link has a reference to California's emergency management agency, so you can get more information about what is going on in your area.”


PD and Exercise

Bill Jordan


They say nothing increases a doctor’s empathy like becoming “ the patient”!  I have spent more than thirty years practicing anesthesia at mostly inner city hospitals. I have seen a lot of difficult situations, but my own diagnosis of a neurological illness was something I never saw coming.


My wife, Patricia and I retired in 2017 to California so we could live closer to our children who had made the trek across the Country earlier. I had been living in Sonoma County for about six months—making new friends, hiking weekends with my children and grandchildren and beginning to enjoy our new life. One day I noticed a very mild tremor in my right hand. “No big deal!” I thought, but let’s check it out. My primary doc said, “No big deal, but let’s check it out.” My neurologist walked into the exam room, took one look and said, “You’ve got Parkinson’s!” . . .  I couldn’t even drive home. Patricia had to drive. I sat and cried and blubbered. “Why is this crap happening to me?” I could only think of dementia and a wheelchair.


Eventually I began to learn about my illness and search for answers and help. My search led me to Dr. Laurie Mischley, a Naturopathic Neurologist in Seattle, who brought a new conversation into my life. She told me about having some patients who were two years out and in wheelchairs and other patients fifteen years out and water skiing. A common connection in those still having active lives was often a willingness to work hard at exercise. I knew immediately which group I wanted to belong to. I methodically and aggressively started seeking out every different type of exercise class and program I could find in my community. It became my full-time job. I even started going to Yoga classes, which pleased my wife to no end since she had been bugging me for more than a couple of decades to “Just try yoga!”. Today my exercise schedule includes: walking 4 miles each morning with Gracie (my little dog), outdoor spin classes, Rock Steady Boxing with Don Ammons (excellent class). I also take a Parkinson’s Wise class online and I am proud to say I am now doing a pretty difficult yoga class 3 times a week. I’ve worked hard in my classes, as does everyone, though COVID has been a real obstacle. Fortunately, it only set me back for a short time in my routine and now we have all learned how to get together through ZOOM classes online. Exercise has been proven to help us both physically and mentally. The different classes are all wonderful and the connections to other people in our classes is so very important, particularly during this time of social isolation. 


All this is great, but I think that what is most important, and what I want you to take away from my message to you is that exercise can be an important part of your armament. Through exercise you are actively fighting back against this disease. You are not sinking under the waves. You are taking control of your life! 



Six days of exercise is better than five . . .

and Seven is better than six!

  Dr. Laurie Mischley                                                               


Bill Jordan is a PSGSC Board Member. He is our contact person ( for exercise information.



Virtual Donation Jar

We hope you will continue to support PSGSC and its programs during this time of separation. 

*Make a donation as you would at Monthly Meetings, or Classes.

*Make a donation in honor of a person you know who is living with Parkinson’s. 
*Make a donation in Memory of a beloved family member or friend.

 Please send your check to:
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Thank you.


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