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Buongiorno dagli Stati Uniti! 

Good day to everyone from the United States! Rebecca, Violet and I hope that each one of you is doing well. We are currently in the US reporting so we do not have a lot to say in regards to the work in Italy, but we always want to keep you informed and in the loop in regards to the work that YOU are doing. Here's what's been going on lately:

New Student in Vicenza

Before we left for the States we had the opportunity to visit the Vicenza congregation. You may remember that I have two students, Stefano and Andrea, in that city. Well I am happy to announce that we have a new student in Vicenza. Her name is Daniela. She is in her 60's with two grown children. She and her husband are retired and waiting, maybe not so patiently, for grandchildren. So far we have met twice. She speaks English okay, but excels at reading it. She also has interest in the Bible and I hope that she will accept our invitation to worship the next time we are in Vicenza (hopefully, at the latest, in October). 

We were only able to meet twice before our reporting trip, but we had great lessons both times and I look forward to meeting with her again when we return. Please pray for her and her family!


Daniela sent me this picture of her. She can never get her camera working for zoom. 


We are right in the thick of our first reporting trip in more than 2 years, and so far it is going well. We had an uneventful flight from Italy and spent one night in Atlanta before driving up to Rebecca's parents' house in the grand city of Wartburg Tennessee (they have TWO traffic lights!) While in Tennessee we were able to report to the Wartburg congregation, the Maple Hill congregation and the LaFollette congregation. It was such a joy to see the supporters we had not been able to visit for so long. 

From Tennessee we made our way down to Georgia where we have visited with the Peachtree City, Forest Park and McDonough congregations. We will next visit the Shannon and Avondale congregations this coming Sunday. After that we will head to central Florida, then to our home congregation at Margaret Street. 

I say home congregation, and that is accurate as Margaret Street has sent us to Florence, but we feel like we are at home in each congregation that we visit. Everyone has just showered us with love and been greatly encouraging to us. It is so good to know we have so many great supporters behind our work! 

I would love to highlight all of our supporters, but our visits to Forest Park and McDonough were particularly joyful. As you may know I was baptized at Forest Park and Rebecca and I were married there. McDonough served as our overseeing congregation for 12 years while we were in Micronesia. It brought back a lot of great memories to be with them both. As Don Wilson, our former deacon of missions, said, "It's like with family, you can just pick up right where you left off as if no time at all has passed." 

We have about a month and a half left in the States. Our time is going by VERY quickly, but we are enjoying our visits and look forward to seeing those whom we have not yet seen. 

Presenting the work at the Peachtree City congregation
Rebecca and Violet at McDonough

Personal Stuff

As I mentioned before, things are going well with us here in the USA. We stayed with Rebecca's parents for almost two weeks which was nice. Violet especially loved being with them. We were not sure how she would react to seeing them since it had been so long, but as soon as we arrived at their house she jumped out of the car and ran to embrace her grandma. It was very sweet. From that point on Rebecca and I may as well not have existed. She road with them to Bible class that night and then after class I said, "Do you want to ride back with us..." "GRANDMA AND GRANDPA!" she interrupted. We were very glad for her to be so happy with them. 

While we were there I took three days to fly up and check on my dad. He is doing well all things considered. He is still in a wheelchair and cannot live on his own, but at least he is home. My younger sister, Ryan, has basically put her life on hold to live with him. What she is doing everyday for him is unbelievable. I can't adequately describe the things she's doing on a daily basis, but let's just say she is been in VERY awkward positions and had to do some pretty gross things without complaining. I am just in awe of her love and care for him. We did have a good visit despite what limitations dad has and then it was back to Tennessee. Lord willing, we will all go up and see them the first week in August. 

That is it for now, I hope that this newsletter has been as encouraging to you as our visits to our supporters have been to us! 

God bless you all as you labor for Him!

Scott, Rebecca and Violet
Violet, Grandma and Rocky
Apparently Ryan is the only one who knows how to look directly into a camera. 
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