Welcome to All-Inclusive! Each month, we'll be highlighting different kinds of art made by our community! From photos to poetry to video to audio, this newsletter is meant to be a place for ArtNight updates as well as a mini-ArtNight within itself!

Before we get into the All-Inclusive, a friendly reminder that the next ArtNight is on Friday May 1st! Please RSVP on our website if you'd like to attend :) It starts at 8:30 PM central time on Zoom. We hope you enjoy our refreshed newsletter! Happy scrolling <3

During this time of quarantine, the team is redefining the ArtNight. We had our first online ArtNight a week and a half ago with friends and family all around the US (and the world). Sixty of us gathered together to listen to live music, learn about figure drawing, discover design in day-to-day life, and get a taste of Shakespeare with a modern twist. Kelsey Pugh, our lead ambassador and stage manager, really stepped up to make this online ArtNight happen. ArtNight will continue on a monthly basis and we’re exploring a bi-monthly online ArtNight if there’s enough interest. Anyone high school age or older will be able to attend the online ArtNight free of charge. We’re open to offering online ArtNight collaborations during this time if you know of any businesses/schools/groups that would be interested. 

The March ArtNight was the first ArtNight that was sponsored by food and beverage companies. While we wish we could have a pizza or cold-pressed juice delivered to your home, we have put many of our in-kind sponsorships on hold and are exploring our options for continued financial support. If you’re involved in a business that can support us, financially or otherwise, please get in touch with Jared (the co-founder) at Otherwise, please consider making a financial contribution to our work on our website. 

Our redefined newsletter, the All-Inclusive, will come out on a monthly basis and will feature a couple of members of our community as they do what they love to do. Writing the next great American classic? Send us a chapter. Love to cook? Send us some of your favorite recipes. Trying out a new project? Send us an update with how it’s going. If you would like to be featured, please contact

With the momentum and consistency that the ArtNight brings, Jared and I are looking to incorporate. We’re exploring both the not-for-profit and LLC route and hope to file in the next week or so. I want to give a shoutout to my dad, Alan Klein, who has been legal counsel to the ArtNight since the beginning and is helping us make the best decision moving forward.

There are a few other projects that we’re super excited about. Jared is working to put together a compilation CD of some of the incredible original songs that people have shared at an ArtNight. Just like the ArtNight, you never know what you’re gonna get and the performers and songs will be a surprise. This CD will serve as a fundraiser for the ArtNight with all sales going right back into our development budget. Mayank (our content and marketing director) and I are also exploring some type of podcast / video series / something cool, so keep your eyes and ears peeled. 

Rob Klein

Mayank Mehta
Photography + Snacks for Thought


Hello hi I'm Mayank! All I've ever wanted to do is help people feel loved, so through my photos and my captions, I talk about all our 😔 feelings so we can start to feel 🙂 I think that the only way to be truly empowered is by being vulnerable, and thoughts I share on Instagram are my first step towards helping others feel the same.

I write about a bunch of different things from love to self-improvement to various "insights" into the way we think (even with quotes, that sounds so pretentious LOL). Please feel free to check out my instagram @chaivignettes for your bi-daily dose of vaguely motivational vibes!

I hope I can help us all accept the things we go through so we can start to heal :) I hope you're having a wonderful day / night <3

Amanda Siskind

Skeleton Coast (Self Portrait, 9/13/16)

After returning from abroad

For a minute I can smell it - 
The scent of baked air if mothers
Could have cooked sand into
Mountains as steadfast and malleable
As the toddler asleep. But then
These are no mountains, only
Rusted iron spilled across white sheets
Because I did not realize I’d been
Carrying this patch of desert 
With me in my socks. For sure,
There is also the taste of salt water
But it is no ocean tide surging higher,
Scrambling up shifting cliffsides.

Look how I am not centuries of drowned sailors
Sinking into the salvation of something dry.

I’m sorry.
I know I’ve told you this story before.
It’s the only one I’ve got right now.


Jamais Vu (Petit Mal)

what is it you asked
were we swallowed
please tell me no I
don’t want to be swallowed
tell me again the cops
and the robbers we were
no more than nineteen
and ghosts already
living in our attics
I made you coffee the
morning after we sat
on the front porch swing
we wanted purple sunrise
and christopher saints
to cure the sleep in our
brains hush now my arms
the ocean burning orange
we have sailed this sea
no we are not swallowed
our mouths are just dry

Pandora On Trial Before The Gods, After The Opening
For this too, you expect me to apologize. 
My existence already explicit penance for man’s mistake
Twice over, even
Because when Prometheus sought what you had withheld
He was not criticized for his curiosity
Yet somehow I am the monster, not the victim,
Despite you gifting me the necklaces that became my noose
As if you didn’t create me in the very image of temptation
Commanded from the forges the most beautiful evil
Your supposedly stolen flame was capable of crafting
Deigned to give me mischief and cunning and curiosity
And expected your sharpened knife to never be a weapon against you
So when I stand before you in clothes ripped and bruised
The same clothes you molded to the curves of my newly formed body
And tell you how men coveted me and followed me 
Then afterward blamed me for living with your mistakes
All you say is that I should have chosen better.
Forgive me, if I don’t have faith in your judgment.

Jared Hochberg

We hope you enjoyed the first edition of All-Inclusive! Thank you for reading, and thank you to Mayank, Amanda, and Jared for sharing! If you'd like to be featured in the future, please don't hesitate to reach out to us - we'd love to learn more about what you're passionate about :)

We hope you and your loved ones are safe, physically distant, and emotionally connected <3 See you at the next ArtNight!

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