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🥬 420 Special 🥬

It's that special time of the day year again! As is tradition for important dates, we want to gift our users (and future users) a celebratory morsel to keep the holiday spirit up! And what do users want most of all? Dark mode.

But wait a minute, BobaBoard's already dark! What are we going to do, light mode? No, we're too nocturnal for that. And so, dear readers, the solution is clear: if we can't go dark, we'll go dank.

Introducing BobaBoard's Dank Mode

Users will be quick to notice our new custom cursor, vibrantly leaving a trail of smoke puffs across their screens. Don't be fooled by its theming! Although this specific cursor was implemented for our ~dank mode~, you could say that doing so was full cursor customization options!
(And, yes, we did indeed replace our spinning "loading" Bobatan with a festive Snoop Dogg).

Next up on the list are accessories. We've had them since Christmas (see? holiday traditions!), but getting assigned specific ones has always been a matter of luck. No more! Those dark days are over, now replaced by the better, danker days of accessory selection. Think your anon identity would look better with a bong than a joint? The power is in your hands.
And finally, the best for last: board customization. Why should the feel-good cuteness on !aww get displayed with the same, boring grey background as the ominous tales on !spoopy? (Or, even scarier, !nightblogging?) Now, board-creators can dress boards up to look however they think they should look, whether that means simple pastels or your worst early-2000s GeoCities nightmare.

A Note on Accessibility

With great customization, comes great responsibility. As we roll out more personal settings, individual users will be able to override these options as they see fit. Don't worry: you'll never be locked out of boards because of... "particularly questionable choices".

Next Up

While we're very proud of our new dank mode, we understand our not-yet-users might be clamoring for something they can sink their own teeth into. With April's holidays out of the way, it's time to finally get serious. While we can't promise anything at this stage, 6/9 will mark one year since BobaBoard's pre-alpha release. Who can say what will happen then?

Hungry for more? Our feedback form is always open! Craving more involvement? Head to our volunteer survey for tech roles and non-tech ones! Want to support the project? Treat yourself to a ship!

...and that is all for 4/20! As usual, use the feedback form or send me an email to share your opinions, ideas, desires, and fears (or, more simply, say hi).

Ms. Boba
BobaBoard's CEO, CTO, Assistant Vice Janitor & Overall Resident Shitposter

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