Monday, April 27, 2020 - Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 2 & 3
As Jesus instructed, the community waits for the gift of the Spirit. Wind whistles through the house, fire descends from the heavens as the Holy Spirit empowers the Apostles to carry on the ministry of Jesus. People gathered for the Jewish feast of Pentecost and were amazed to hear the 12 speaking their own languages. This was a foreshadowing of the way the Spirit would spread the Word of God to all nations through the rest of the book of Acts.  Peter, who had been consumed by fear and then near despair, steps forward. Fearlessly he proclaims that Jesus Christ is Risen and lives as Lord and Messiah (Saviour). Through the words of Peter, the Spirit draws many to repentance and a new life in Baptism. The gathering of many into one is a reminder that our community (the Church) is a reflection of the Most Holy Trinity, many in one.
Luke then paints a very rosy picture (maybe too rosy?) of the first community of believers in order to encourage his readers to strive toward unity. It’s an encouragement that remains ever fresh. Luke highlights the major characteristics of the life of believers; meeting together, breaking bread (Eucharistic liturgy), praising God and charity.

When a man who was unable to walk asks for alms, Peter tells him that he has nothing to offer- but Jesus does. In His name, not by his own power, Peter raises up a man who could not walk, just as Jesus did in the Gospel (Luke 5, 17-28). Seizing the opportunity, Peter speaks, proclaiming that it is faith in the Risen Christ which raised the man. (Just as Jesus told someone He healed in the Gospel: “Your faith had saved you (Luke 17, 19).
Luke records Peter’s words and his works to show how the community of believers, empowered by the Holy Spirit, continue the word and the works of Jesus in this world right down to today.

Something to consider:
When have you experienced the warming flame of the Holy Spirit’s love; when have you experienced the cooling wind of His peace?

Luke highlights some virtues of the first Christian community. What do you see as some virtues of our St. Bonaventure community? What virtues do you bring to our community?

Homework for Monday: Read Chapters 4 & 5
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