The Cost of Waiting

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So I was deciding to do something to better equip myself as a financial coaching. Making this brief, because of my procrastination I am going to pay lot more out of pocket. We aren’t even going to say the number because it makes me cringe. So you know by now that I use my experiences to pass along to you. This is no exception. People use the phrase delayed but not denied when they are waiting on a blessing from God. If you aren’t working during the delay, then technically you are denying yourself. Ouch! That hurt me. It is pretty old stat but this article stated that the cost of procrastination is an average cost of $400 per person. (Click here for the article) I hope you are catching on to the theme for this year. Understand that not working on your goals is costing you. It is costing you time, promotion, freedom, and even pleasure. I don’t know your goals. I do know that everyday that you delay working on them cost you more than you can ever imagine. 

I do not want to leave you feeling bad. There is a thing called restoration. When you finally take the leap of working on your goals, you receive the benefits. The benefits do not go away because you waited. I think we appreciate them even more because we know what we could have lost. Peace, less stress, more savings, weight loss, promotion, degree completion, and material pleasure can all be yours. You don’t have to miss out anymore. Take a step in the direction of completing your goals this week. If you need help, reach out for a consultation or sign up for PughFC Accountability. Yes, the goal is to help you financially. I’ve learned there are usually things that affect your finances so I will help you to grow spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially. 

Cut your loss, START, and FINISH in 2021!

See you next week!

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