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Good morning, afternoon, or evening, 

This is the last week of the month. So I would like to first check on your progress. How are you doing with your goals? Are you on track, off track,  or nowhere near the track? Remember we are finishing this year. So there are going to be some uncomfortable moments when you are reading the newsletter this year. My goal is to consistently remind you to look at your goals. It is tough love that is good for you. Okay your check in is complete. I hope you have taken time to really understand your status. It is for your good. I promise. 

So what have I been thinking about lately? I spoke to a class yesterday and we were talking about budgeting. I made a comment that budgeting is the same for $50, $5,000, $50,000, or $500,000. Do you really believe that? Do you believe that people who make a lot of money go through the same process as yourself? Now, certainly they will have different categories. Someone who is wealthy may be able to splurge on things that are not even a thought in your world. 

Do they have income? Sure. They have to deposit a check or receive income just like you. 
Do they have pay periods? Yes. By definition, this is just when you get paid. Obviously, they are making money so yes.
Do they have to know due dates? Yes. Uncle Sam does not change the due date for anyone except for federal holidays. 

Again, the process is the same. The amount of money is the difference. I know what you may be thinking. Latrisa, you don’t know what I’m struggling with. You don’t know my hardships. You don’t know how I’m stretching every dollar. You don’t know my life. I don’t. I really don’t. But I would like to suggest a different thought. Understanding your budget and the flow of your money positions you for a couple of things. First, it allows you to see the shortfall. Second, now that you know the shortfall you can decide how to make up the difference. That could be by cutting back or finding additional income. It is one thing to kind of know what is going on. It is another to actually know. Now, you know that work needs to be done. Now, you know there are no excuses for needing to do work. Don’t hide from the truth. Let it be the guide to help you to move forward.

See you next week! 

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