Summer Detox: Week 4

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We are going to wrap up the detox this week. I have enjoyed hearing about your progress this month. It is always a good feeling to know the advice you are giving is working for others. The key to any type of detox or diet is maintaining. So how do you maintain the things you have done this month? It all goes back to monitoring your budget. Everything I have shared with you this month is a part of the budget process. Let’s do a review.

Week 1: Identify your unhealthy habit and set a limit
Isn’t that something you do with your budget already? You decide how much you will spend on certain things. The key is working to actually stick to it. Completing your budget is a start, but sticking to your budget is how you FINISH.

Week 2: Review your subscription list and see where you can cut expenses
This should sound familiar too. Another step of maintaining a good budget, is keeping a list of all of your expenses. Every time you set your budget, you should be reviewing this list. Are there things I should keep on this list? Do I need to make some adjustments based on my activity? I’m not saying you should be cutting something each month. Completing your monthly budget is an opportunity to ask yourself if you are doing what is best for your family. 

Week 3: Ask God for instructions 
I cannot say that I have ever stated this verbatim during my workshops or budget presentations. However, accountability is a HUGE part of the success of my story and clients. Everyone needs someone who can hold them in check. How do you review your life? How do you make the next big move in your life? Seek your wise counsel. Be open to allowing people to correct you when you are doing things wrong. I heard this yesterday from Dharius Daniels, we will get a coach and ask for help in everything else but life. What a bold statement! We will give our kids trainers for their sports starting at the age of 5. To grow in our companies, we seek professional development, obtain certification, or a degree. Recognize that you need help in your personal life too. 

Yes, this was a detox to get you started but not a one-time event. Begin observing and adjusting and watch your finances slowly improve over time. Remember we are creating new lifestyles not just feel good moments. 

If you are ready to take your finances to the next level, Join PughFC accountability group for only $20/month. The information is below. I’m Latrisa Pugh, your financial coach that will help you understand your money and position you to live the best version of your life. 

See you next week...

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