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So how did it go last week? Did you identify your habit and set a limit? Did you stick to the limit? Now that is the question. I hope you did well last week. We are building. So you are to continue your limit throughout this process. 

We are in week two of our summer detox. I sat back and wondered. What would be the next step of the detox? It is time to do a subscription review! reported that the average number of entertainment subscriptions ranged from 7 to 17. This varied between the Mature generation to the Gen Z generation (June 2020). WOW! Even if you are on the low end paying $7.99 per subscription, that is still $671.16 per year before tax. That is a lot of money. I get it some people cut the cord so they are supplementing. Or the kids need to have x, y, or z. Your challenge this week is pretty simple. Trim the fat. Check and see what can be removed. If you haven’t used the subscription in the past 2 months, CUT IT. Even if you cut one, you save $95 per year for a $7.99 subscription. I’m not saying it isn’t needed. What I am say is if you aren’t using it, why are you making them richer and yourself poorer? 

I hope you see this is a compound effect. Reducing your spending will give you some breathing room. For others, it may help you towards other goals. No matter what stage you are in, cutting unhealthy fat is great for your wallet and for your stress level. 

If you are ready to take your finances to the next level, Join PughFC accountability group for only $20/month. The information is below. I’m Latrisa Pugh, your financial coach that will help you understand your money and position you to live the best version of your life. 

See you next week...

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