Who or What is Your Spark?

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You know it is the last few days of the month. In fact, April will show on Thursday. So, of course this is your FINISH newsletter. I’m going to be really vulnerable. You want to know another reason why finishing is so important to me? I wonder frequently when time will run out on me. I’m not talking about death. I’m talking about my opportunity to help others. What if your dreams and goals aren’t just for you? What if completing your goals opens the door for someone else? When you pass the test, your testimony can help someone else in the future. Jay-Z credits his 6th grade teacher for his love of words. Jay-Z becomes a rapper. Jay-Z becomes a businessman. Now, could he have become successful without his teacher? Maybe. However, it was the spark Jay-Z needed. What is your spark? What spark are you providing? You are one conversation, experience, relationship, or book away from changing forever. So my exercise for you this week is to write a letter to the person who has influenced you the most. The second exercise is to write how you want to influence others. I will say it over and over that I desire for you to be successful. My second desire is for your success to become contagious. I really hope you are enjoying this newsletters. If you are, share it with someone who needs some motivation or encouragement. Success is so sweet but you got to work for it. Success is sweeter when the people you care about are successful too. 

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