Hello dear reader, this week we have analyzed 95 use cases and picked the 5 important projects you should have on your radar. Your time is money, so let's start.

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Domino's improving pizza delivery with AI

 🤖 AI   🍔 Gastronomy 

The world's largest pizza restaurant chain Domino's Pizza is monitoring its AI models' effectiveness in real-time with the AI startup Datatron and Microsoft Azure-based Kubernetes virtual machine orchestration API. Domino's is using AI for improving in-store operations and the customer experience. By analyzing its AI models in real-time, Domino's could allocate its data science resources more efficiently. Read more 

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London hospital trust is partnering with Microsoft on AI

 🤖 AI   🏥 Healthcare 

University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is partnering with Microsoft on AI algorithms for improving efficiency and patient safety. The range of targeted use cases includes allocating hospital resources, managing patient demand, and radiotherapy planning for certain types of cancer. Read more

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Honeywell develops an AI for mask compliance at the airports

 🤖 AI   ✈️ Travel 

Honeywell is working with San Diego International Airport to test video analytics technology for social distancing and mask compliance by using deep learning for video analysis and video cameras. The technology will be tested at the airport through the early summer of 2021. Read more

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Organic cotton on the blockchain

 🔗 Blockchain   🛍️ Retail 

The multinational retail company Carrefour will trace 450 products in France and Spain from Carrefour's TEX line of bed linen and baby bodysuits on the blockchain. Consumers would have a tamper-proof provenance record about information like the provenance of the certified organic cotton by scanning a QR code on the products. Carrefour is not a newcomer to blockchain projects and is a member of the IBM Food Trust consortium since 2018. Read more

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Blockchain-backed volcano catastrophe bond

 🔗 Blockchain    🚒 Rescue Services 

The Danish Red Cross is planning to launch a blockchain-backed $3 million catastrophe bond for volcano-related disasters. Using a blockchain solution, the humanitarian organization could reduce costs by $200,000 - $400,000 per issue compared to using a traditional settlement system. Read more

That's the wrap up for this week, dear reader. If you liked it – share it with innovation enthusiasts in your network. Stay curious and inspired. See you next week!

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