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Podcasting, Seriously Newsletter from LWC Studios
Curated and written by Manuela Bedoya

July 29, 2022

Pod Hack

Creating concise show notes is an essential step in publishing an episode. Basically, it's an overview of what an episode's main points will be and what listeners can expect. Elements in your show notes should include a brief summary, guest bios and social handles, additional resources, recommended episodes, affiliate links, and CTA's. Taking the time to craft concise show notes can help your audience get more value out of each episode and learn more about your guest or topic, improve your SEO, hook potential listeners, and promote previous episodes.

What We're Into 

  • According to the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) podcast advertising revenue has grown 72% year over year, faster than the total internet advertising revenue, which came in at 35% growth year over year. The Podcast Host shares strategies for pitching your podcast to potential advertisers, including how to identify brands that align with your show's audience and what to include in your pitch.
  • Getty Images has launched an educational initiative named "Black History and Culture Collection" allowing access to thousands of rare images, dating back as far as the 19th century, of the Black diaspora in the U.K. and U.S. Educators, academics, researchers, and content creators will be given free non-commercial access, giving them the opportunity to tell stories around Black culture.
  • Looking for new shows to add to your queue? Check out Podcast Brunch Club's July playlist, highlighting stories of community, friendship and human connection. 
  • Conquer your social media writer's block with this list of creative content ideas to promote your podcast. Evo Terra shares ten questions you should ask yourself next time you're stuck on what to post, that go beyond simply sharing a link to a new episode. He challenges us to think outside the box and consider new ways to engage listeners.  

What We're Listening To 

From Us: "Being a high achiever and having these challenges with managing chronic illness, I know that I'm not going to stop." On the latest episode of How to Talk to [High Achievers] about Anything, we hear from Dr. Ly Franshaua Pipkins, a professional coach and entrepreneur who struggles with severe depression. Stevon, host and licensed psychotherapist, offers advice for recognizing what success means "in our own way with what we have, not with what you wish you had." He talks about different strategies for adjusting expectations when it comes to both personal and professional success.
From Other Folks: From Sonoro and The Mash-Up Americans, Love and Noraebang is a new Telenovela / K-Drama-inspired narrative podcast detailing the story of how Jaesun, an heir to a Korean chaebol, and Ana, a Mexican American entrepreneur, ultimately meet and fall in love in modern-day Los Angeles. The series, which debuted last week, features actors Justin H. Min and Francia Raísa as the two star-crossed lovers, and Randall Park as the show's narrator. Featuring rich sound design, compelling characters, and a mix of two of the best TV formats, it's hard not to get invested in this new rom-com series.

Podcasting, Seriously at Home 

Podcasting, Seriously at Home
Access our on-demand collection. Easy-to-watch, online webinars featuring in-depth presentations covering a full range of podcasting skills, from launch, production, growth and more.

Our Sponsors 

CapshoThink writing show notes is just blergh? Want them written for you in under 10 mins? Capsho uses a mix of AI and Content Honey Traps to turn your episode audio file into a title and show notes, and bonus: social media captions & promotional email! Redeem your free 2 episode trial.
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The Podcasting, Seriously Awards FundGet Refunded for Audio Training and Award Fees!
We're on a mission with AIR, Pacific Content, AcastTriton Digital, and Sounds Profitable to support BIPOC and LGBTQ+ independent audio creators in submitting work to awards and receiving education and training in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia. Applications accepted year-round. Learn more about the Podcasting, Seriously Awards Fund, apply, and support.

Overheard on Podcasting, Seriously Live 

This week we welcomed podcasting veteran Rekha Murthy, for tips on how to think of your podcast as a product when it comes to strategic planning, show design, seeking and incorporating feedback, and more. Some takeaways are:

  • Step away from the content and examine all the externalities that surround your show, and where it fits within the marketplace. "If you want to have reach, to have people listen and engage, you need to look at your podcast as a product," Rekha explains.
  • Visualize your podcast as a product to come up with creative packaging ideas. "We are in the communications business and packaging is a form of communication... Everything from the design, to how you distribute your show, how you grow your show, and even how you test and adapt the show. These are all words that are used in product development," she says.
  • Think about your goals and the value your show will bring to your audience when you're in the design phase. "Consider the identity of your product (podcast) and how you're going to connect your target audience with that identity. What are you trying to do for your listener? What problem are you trying to solve? Why does your target listener need your podcast? Who are they and how will you reach them?" Rekha notes.
  • Besides thinking about the content of your show, ask yourself: Is my concept easy to grasp? Are the episodes clearly structured and signposted? Do people know what they're going to get, and does my show deliver it? Is the value delivered in line with what my audience defines as value? Is my show easy to discover and share?
  • When thinking of your podcast as a product in the distribution phase, consider the entire sequence of how your podcast moves from the point of creation and into somebody's ears. Think about different distribution channels, such as listening platforms, your website, and social media.
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Creator Spotlight 

Adell ColemanAdell Coleman (she/her) has over 16 years of experience in digital media, beginning as a producer and host of 2KNation, a radio show on local Washington D.C. station WPFW. She has a degree in Mass Communications from Penn State University. After working as an award winning producer at SiriusXM Radio, she went on to join the team at DCP Entertainment where she is Chief Operations Officer, overseeing daily operations and putting out important content over a wide variety of shows including her own, Say Their Name. Say Their Name, which she co-hosts and executive produces with DCP founder Chris Colbert, shares stories of families who have lost loved ones as a result of negative police interactions, with a mission to "humanize the headlines." Adell has won numerous awards in amplifying these stories including multiple New York Festival Awards and Webby's. She has a passion for networking and growing within the global podcast community and continuing to leave her mark.

Click here to learn more about Adell and see her work.
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