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Podcasting, Seriously Newsletter from LWC Studios
Curated and written by Manuela Bedoya

August 12, 2022

The Latino Podcast Listener Report 

Don't miss the unveiling of this year's Latino Podcast Listener Report from Edison Research. A comprehensive study of Latino podcast listeners, providing valuable insight and data on this underserved audience. We're thrilled to be founding partners with Adonde Media, Libsyn, PRX, and SXM Media.
The report tracks emerging habits and preferences among listeners, including reasons Latino listeners choose video podcasts and affinity for podcast ads.
Join us on August 16 at 2pm ET for a live webinar revealing this year's latest findings, presented by Gabriel Soto, Senior Director of Research at Edison Research, and Elsie Escobar, She Podcasts Co-founder and Community Manager at Libsyn. Register for free, and check out last year's study.
Can't make it? A recording of the webinar will be available after, and English and Spanish versions of the presentation will be available for download. Follow Edison Research on Twitter for updates.
The Latino Podcast Listener Report 2022

Pod Hack

Hello August! This week we're looking back at some of the top pod hacks we've shared this year. As always, feel free to hit the reply button at any time and let us know what you'd like to see more of.
  • January 21: Usually when we talk about promoting a podcast, we tend to give the most love to our newest, most current episodes. The truth is, you have tons of old content that can re-marketed to your audience, and if it's far back enough, chances are a fraction of your listeners may not have heard it. Resurface older episodes in your catalog by making themed playlists and sharing them on social media or a website. Mention 2-3 related episodes that cover the same topic or theme, and include them in your CTA or episode notes. Keep a running list with details like episode name, guest, and key words to help you quickly find related content.
  • March 4: What makes a good podcast trailer? An effective trailer captivates the right audience, relays the most important information, avoids repetition, and is brief and concise. Consider these elements, recommended by our CEO Juleyka Lantigua, when creating a trailer:
    • Host name(s) and credentials; why are they the right person(s) to be hosting the show?
    • What the podcast is about.
    • Value proposition; why are you making the show? And why should others listen to it? (This is not the same thing as what the show is about.)
    • Methodology and format; is it narrative storytelling? 1-on-1 Interviews?
    • Depending on show genre, it may be important to include how the show is different from its genre.
    • Always include a CTA that starts with a verb; listen, follow, subscribe, etc.
    • Include your brand or production house; i.e. "Produced by LWC Studios."
  • April 8: If your podcast monetization strategy includes selling ads, you need to know what the industry average ad rates are, and how your show compares to others in your niche in terms of listener reach and downloads. Stay up to date on average ad rates each month using this report from AdvertiseCast, one of the leading podcast advertising marketplaces. Create a rate card that details all ad services you offer, including pre-rolls, mid-rolls and feed drops. Use this template to get started on your rate card.
  • April 15: Streamline and optimize your podcast promotional efforts by creating a marketing calendar. Similarly to how you create a podcast editorial calendar for producing episodes, you will want to do the same for your marketing strategy. Doing so will help you establish a clear plan for promoting your show, and allow you to stay organized, consistent and on schedule as you release new episodes. Take some time every week to analyze what's working and what isn't with your audience and adjust your tactics accordingly.
  • April 22: As creators, we're always looking for fresh ways to create new revenue streams and monetize our content. Creating fun and eye-catching merch can be a great way to create buzz around your show. Consider items that are relevant to your podcast niche, industry, and target audience. Come up with art that's memorable, your audience will appreciate, and will want to wear (think past your logo). Find fun ways to distribute your merchandise, like hosting giveaways, contests or simply making it available to purchase on your website. Read more about creating your very own podcast merch, and if it's the right move for you.
  • April 29: Making your podcast SEO-friendly can improve your show's discoverability and rank across search engines. Always include keywords in the episode title or notes; claim your podcast across all major platforms and directories; create a website dedicated only to your show; transcribe your episodes and link to them on your website; and upcycle and repurpose your podcast content by sharing content on social media, creating blog posts, and turning your podcast into video to be uploaded to video-sharing sites like YouTube.
  • May 13: If I haven't said it enough, the best thing about the podcast industry is how incredibly community-driven it is. As someone who has been in the space for a few years, I have learned almost everything I know (and continue to learn) from indie podcasters, communities, events (virtual and in-person), and incredibly generous creators who have a passion for the medium and building an inclusive industry. Getting involved in a variety of groups and communities is one of the best ways to learn, find friends and collaborators, and immerse yourself in everything podcasting. Check out some of the online podcast communities you may want to (and should) join:
  • June 3: Why is copywriting important? Though podcasts are considered an audio-first medium, copywriting is an integral part of not only creating but also promoting your show, and getting it into the ears of the right listeners. Whether it's for your website, scripts, ad campaigns, episodes notes, or show description, putting out engaging copy that effectively represents your show is critical to optimizing its visibility across search engines and listening platforms, and thus attracting new listeners
  • July 22: One of the best ways to grow your podcast is to be featured in a podcast discovery newsletter. Why? Because they reach audiences who are already avid podcast listeners. First, subscribe to get a sense of what the newsletter is about, what type of content and podcasts they usually feature, and if you can, find out the editor's name. In your pitch, be sure to mention what you enjoy about the newsletter, like a segment you particularly look forward to, and why your show would be a great addition. Decide the right time to reach out; is there an episode coming up with an interesting topic or well-known guest? And, don't forget to include your media kit.

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Lora L. HylerLora Hyler (she/her) is a podcaster, award-winning author, essayist, public speaker, and owner of public relations firm Hyler Communications. She is a former journalist and corporate communications manager with large Wisconsin companies. All of her roles are grounded in storytelling. The inspiration for her new podcast, How I Got Over. Artists Roads to Success, originated with her mentor, a Hollywood filmmaker generously awarded, from Women of Color Unite (WOCU). WOCU works with allies to increase representation in the Hollywood entertainment industry. WOCU’s mentorship program, #Startwith8 is completely free.

Click here to learn more about Lora and see her work.
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