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Podcasting, Seriously Newsletter from LWC Studios
Curated and written by Kori Doran.

October 7, 2022

We will continue on a bi-weekly cadence, our next edition will be on 10/21.

Pod Hack

As the leaves begin to turn and we gear up for chilly evenings, the season of change is all around us. This is the perfect time to revisit and revise your podcasts' purpose. Having a clear mission statement for your show helps to keep the content fresh and aligned with your audience. Take some time to reflect on why you started your podcast. What are the main values you want to emulate? What topics do you want to give voice to? What does true success look like to you? This period of reflection will help re-align or re-affirm your podcasts' direction.

Last Day to Register!

Podcasting, Seriously presents our first webinar of the Fall Series: How to Find Your Voice as a Podcast Host. It can be difficult to become comfortable with your voice, so we've brought Niala Boodhoo, host of Axios Today, to share insight and practical tips on how to develop your own ear, write scripts for yourself, and handle frustrations with your voice. This workshop will equip you with the skills to find and nurture your unique host voice.

Registration is now open. Secure your spot before midnight!
Podcasting, Seriously Fall Series Webinar 1 : How to Find Your Voice as a Podcast Host with Niala Boodhoo

What We're Into 

Trials and Triumphs Call for Listener Submission
Trials and Triumphs podcast wants to hear your questions! In these intimate conversations, host Ashley Blain Featherson-Jenkins and guests discuss the trials that led to their many triumphs.
Be part of the conversation.

What We're Listening To 

From Us: In the latest episode of How to Talk to [Mami and Papi] about Anything "Should She Confront a Family Secret?", our guest, Brenda struggles with the best way to confront a family secret. She is joined by Gilza Fort-Martinez, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, who offers advice for creating the right context, choosing the right time, and exercising sensitivity around family revelations.

From Others: Discovering Us celebrates some of the most extraordinary scientific discoveries that help us to understand where we come from, and what makes us human. Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated actor Ashley Judd narrates this 12-part short series, sharing exciting stories about the search for what it means to be human, from the sisterhood of bonobos to a remote cave on the island of Flores. All episodes are available now, brought to us by The Leakey Foundation.

Podcasting, Seriously at Home 

Access our on-demand collection. Easy-to-watch, online webinars featuring in-depth presentations covering a full range of podcasting skills, from launch, production, growth and more.
The Podcasting, Seriously Awards FundGet Refunded for Audio Training and Award Fees!
We're on a mission with AIR, Pacific Content, AcastTriton Digital, and Sounds Profitable to support BIPOC and LGBTQ+ independent audio creators in submitting work to awards and receiving education and training in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia. Applications accepted year-round. Learn more about the Podcasting, Seriously Awards Fund, apply, and support.

Overheard on Podcasting, Seriously Live 

This week we welcomed Tiffany Ashitey, US Creator Network Director at Acast, to talk about understanding podcasting as a business, not just a craft. Your podcast is a business because you are serving an audience, and you should take that seriously. Some takeaways are:
  • “The conversation starts in the podcast, but the engagement continues elsewhere." One of the biggest mistakes Tiffany often sees is podcasters creating what they want to create, without listening to the audience that they serve. Are you providing audience surveys, actively reading the reviews, and truly engaging with your listeners? Continue to check the Apple or Spotify dashboards, they’ll help to give you the basics – but to get to the heart of your listeners, just ask!
  • Take advantage of social media! Is there a gap between your audience on Instagram versus Twitter or Facebook, LinkedIn, or TikTok? Understanding who your audience is helps you decide how to provide the most useful content possible. Addressing this gap is how you maintain an authentic connection with your listeners and broaden your audience
  • “Aim for accuracy, not perfection.” It’s more than okay to outsource editors, sound designers, and whoever you may need to complete the tasks that you don’t really enjoy doing. Be real about the goal of your creation. Is it to give this topic a voice? For money? To build your brand? Ask yourself what the purpose of your craft is so that you can begin to look at your strategy with the proper lens.
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Podcasting, Seriously Live on Twitter Spaces: The Podcasters' Guide to Pro Tools, with Florence Barrau-Adams
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Creator Spotlight 

Gio LobatoGio Lobato (he/his) is a music and sound producer and project manager. He grew up in Denver, CO, went to school in NYC, and has spent the last 10 years working at Duotone Audio Group as a Senior Producer, Lead Engineer, and Head of IT. He is also a podcast producer, having recently written, produced, engineered, sound designed, composed, and mixed his own project, the Latino-Fantasy podcast, Looking for Ultima. His work aims to celebrate his Latino heritage while creating high-quality and entertaining audio stories. Gio currently lives in Ciudad De Mexico, where he enjoys writing music, reading sci-fi, shooting film cameras, and collecting unique instruments...on the rare occasion that he has free time. He's in the early stages of writing his next podcast.
Click here to learn more about Gio and see his work.
Let us know who we should feature next! We highlight creatives working in the podcasting industry and would love to feature you — yes you! Send us an email with your name, headshot, and a short bio to be included in an upcoming edition.

Community Offers 

Cool stuff our podcast friends want to give us! If you have a community offer, please email us.
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Thanks for the Love 



Finding Your Voice as a Podcast Host
October 8, 1-2pm ET

Conversational Flow: Editing Remote Recordings
November 19, 1-2pm ET

Help Your Podcast Thrive By Treating It Like a Product
December 17, 1-2pm ET



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