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Podcasting, Seriously Newsletter from LWC Studios
Curated and written by Manuela Bedoya and Emma Forbes.

September 2, 2022

We Welcome Our Newest Board Member

Our team is thrilled to welcome Rekha Murthy as our newest Advisory Board member! Her unique expertise, experience, and commitment to amplifying diverse voices make her one of the industry's standouts, and an honor to have on our board. Welcome Rekha! Read more about the news.
Rekha Murthy is a podcast strategist who believes that podcasting is at its best when it includes a wide range of voices and lived experiences. She works with clients of all sizes - from Spotify, Crooked Media, KEXP, and BirdNote to independent creators, influencers, and journalists. Rekha is a founding team member and lead curriculum designer of Spotify's Sound Up program for new creators, and served as Founding Governor of The Podcast Academy, home of The Ambies. She spent years at PRX + Radiotopia, NPR's All Things Considered + NPR Online, and web and mobile startups.

What We're Into 

  • Register for the Multilingual Podcasters Meetup happening on September 15 at 6pm ET. Data from Edison Research’s Latino Podcast Listener Report 2022 will be broken down by a group including our CEO Juleyka Lantigua and Libsyn's Elsie Escobar. Attendees will get the opportunity to share their thoughts on the report and discuss what the data means for the industry. 
  • Podcasts are coming to Twitter! Within the Twitter’s Spaces tab, users will now receive personalized suggestions for podcasts—which they can “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to tailor suggestions to their interests. Relatedly, Twitter found 45% of its U.S. users also listen to podcast monthly, revealing an exciting opportunity to grow your audience on the platform.
  • A Canadian podcast newsletter launches next week. Kattie Laur’s Pod the North, coming September 6, will include commentary on the Canadian podcast ecosystem, feature indie and Indigenous podcasts, interview Canadian podcasters, and share resources for creators. Subscribe here.
  • We will be at Podcast Day 24 on October 4 in New York City! Our founder, Juleyka Lantigua, will be delivering a talk on ethics in podcasting. This annual event brings together broadcasters, publishers, platforms, and technology companies in podcasting. Join us! Register for one of the three conferences happening in London, New York, and Sydney.
  • Acast is hosting “Celebrating Asian Voices” on September 14, 2-3pm ET, online. The event centers a discussion among Asian creators, where they will “discuss their own individual journeys, breakdown challenges faced and celebrate success stories.” This event is the first in Acast’s new schedule of their Aclass events for underrepresented creators in podcasting. Read the announcement on Podnews.

What We're Listening To 

From Us: In the latest episode of How to Talk to [Mamí & Papí] about Anything we hear from Pabel, a former tech executive and entrepreneur. His Afro-Latino mother's outdated ideas and advice for fitting in is causing a rift in their relationship as he navigates racism in the tech industry. Zee Clarke, a breathwork and mindfulness coach shows us how to breathe through triggering conversations about race and implicit bias at work—and with our loved ones. Listen to "Unlearning Mamí’s Lessons for Professional Success."
From Other Folks: The spinoff of the music podcast Song Exploder, Canción Exploder explores the diversity of Latin music through beautiful storytelling and sound design. It's executive produced by Hrishikesh Hirway, and co-executive produced and hosted by Adonde Media's Martina Castro. Among the stars of the Spanish series' inaugural season are Bomba Estéreo and Jorge Drexler, as they take us behind the scenes of their biggest hits. Listen to the latest episode with Mexican singer-songwriter Silvana Estrada.

Podcasting, Seriously at Home 

Podcasting, Seriously at Home
Access our on-demand collection. Easy-to-watch, online webinars featuring in-depth presentations covering a full range of podcasting skills, from launch, production, growth and more.

Our Sponsors 

Clever FMBuilding your podcast community with Clever FM will turn your passive listeners into active fans! Get real feedback, have engaging discussions, repurpose listener-recorded responses for episodes, and more. Get started for free at!
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The Podcasting, Seriously Awards FundGet Refunded for Audio Training and Award Fees!
We're on a mission with AIR, Pacific Content, AcastTriton Digital, and Sounds Profitable to support BIPOC and LGBTQ+ independent audio creators in submitting work to awards and receiving education and training in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia. Applications accepted year-round. Learn more about the Podcasting, Seriously Awards Fund, apply, and support.

Overheard on Podcasting, Seriously Live 

This week we welcomed Stevon Lewis, licensed psychotherapist and host of LWC's How to Talk to [High Achievers] about Anything, to discuss how podcasting can boost your brand. Some takeaways are:
  • Podcasting provides a public venue to showcase the skills and offerings that people otherwise experience from you in more private settings. For Stevon, being a psychotherapist means a lot of his talent and skills are displayed to patients 1-on-1 behind closed doors, so podcasting, he says, "is an opportunity to provide another touchpoint for people to assess [his] skills and offerings." Clearly, Stevon has been assessed well: he has gained new clients from his podcast audience!
  • Podcasting opens doors for other opportunities to continue to spread your message. Stevon is consistent about his main goal of reducing the negative impacts that imposter syndrome has on people's lives. By making that clear and succinct in the show, his podcast has attracted more speaking opportunities which allow him to expand his messages to bigger audiences—beyond his private practice and beyond the podcast. Additionally, Stevon offers, finding ways to craft your message to new audiences and new formats pushes you to "think outside the box."
  • People can see you, your brand, or your industry in a new light. Stevon shared that podcasting allows people to see him, a therapist, in a "less intense" and less commitment-oriented space. Listeners do not have to offer anything about themselves to receive advice they might really need to hear, and so he gets to impact listeners by doing his job in a different way than his patients experience. Reflect: how might people understand you, your work, or your industry differently through a podcast?
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Upcoming Workshops 

Elements of an Impactful Short-Form Audio
Saturday, September 17, 2022, 1-2pm ET
In this session, LWC Studios founder Juleyka Lantigua will deconstruct the essential components of highly effective short-form audio, such as trailers, promos, ads, previews, audiograms, etc. She will analyze a selection of such audio pieces that introduce a show with confidence, connect to the listener on an intellectual and emotional level, display a high degree of sound design, and accomplish the essential elements of each type of audio piece. Structure, pacing, "the business" and mold-breaking innovations will be reviewed to help you create the most engaging short-form audio to complement and enhance your podcast.

Creator Spotlight 

Florence Barrau-AdamsClaire McInerny (she/her) is a freelance audio producer and reporter working in the podcast space. She spent 9 years working for NPR member stations in Indiana and Austin. She left her newsroom job in May to devote her time to podcasts and narrative storytelling. She lives in Austin, TX with her partner and two small dogs. When she's not creating audio she is listening to podcasts while she's cooking or creating collage art.

Click here to learn more about Claire and see her work.
Let us know who we should feature next! We highlight creatives working in the podcasting industry and would love to feature you — yes you! Send us an email with your name, headshot, and a short bio to be included in an upcoming edition.

Community Offers 

Cool stuff our podcast friends want to give us! If you have a community offer, please email us.
  • Use promo code "seriously" at checkout to receive $40 (or one month) off on SquadCast.
  • Receive 50% off your first two months on Simplecast by following this link and entering code ONSIMPLECAST.
  • Use promo code “buzzsprout” for 50% off your Riverside subscription when you sign up for a new account.

Thanks for the Love 



Elements of an Impactful Short-Form Audio
September 17, 1-2pm ET



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