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October 2018

Climate Across the Curriculum:
Reaching Out to Teachers Across the World

The impact of climate change is not restricted to a single country or location. The objective of the TROP ICSU project is to equip students across the world to identify solutions for sustainable and equitable development in the context of climate change. With this objective in mind, the team aims to introduce the collection of digital teaching resources on the TROP ICSU website to teachers of various disciplines or subjects (Science, Mathematics, Social Sciences, and Humanities) through workshops organized in different countries. These workshops are being planned and organized with valuable support from our partners and collaborators.

The first TROP ICSU workshop for teachers was successfully held in New Delhi, India, in collaboration with Sri Venkateswara College (University of Delhi) in October 2018. The interactive and hands-on workshop was well received by the participants. We are grateful to the teachers for their review and feedback on the existing resources and for their submission of new lesson plan ideas.

A short workshop for Austrian Geography teachers was conducted in Strobl, Austria, in September 2018 by our partners from the International Union of Soil Sciences

At a meeting organized at the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, in October 2018, the TROP ICSU team presented the progress in the project and held related discussions on collaboration and partnership with various United Nations (UN) organizations and agencies, and experts in climate science, pedagogy, and education.

The TROP ICSU team is eagerly looking forward to conducting more workshops for teachers in the coming months, receiving review and suggestions from educators on the appropriateness and ease-of-use of the teaching resources, collaborating with partners to further validate and enhance the content, and establishing new partnerships for a wider dissemination of the project across the world.

Stay tuned to the Upcoming Events section of the newsletter for information about a TROP ICSU workshop near your location.

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Reaching Out to Teachers Across the World

TROP ICSU Workshop for Teachers in New Delhi, India

Teachers Training Workshop:
The first TROP ICSU workshop for teachers was held in collaboration with Sri Venkateswara College (University of Delhi), New Delhi, India, on October 13 and 14, 2018. The workshop introduced the participants to digital teaching resources for teaching topics in the Sciences, Mathematics, Social Sciences, and Humanities using climate-related examples, case studies, and activities. In addition, participants were invited to review the educational resources of the TROP ICSU project and to provide their feedback on the appropriateness and ease-of-use of the teaching tools and lesson plans.

The workshop was attended by 80 undergraduate-level teachers from various disciplines, including the Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Food and Nutrition, Environmental Studies, Electronics, and Instrumentation.
Workshop Highlights

Participant Feedback and Reactions:
Overall, the participants were enthusiastic to learn about the usage of the digital teaching resources in the classroom and to integrate climate science/climate change-related topics in their existing curriculum. They were also eager to create new lesson plans; each group created a framework for one new lesson plan for their discipline.

From the participants:
The workshop is good and helped us to understand that we can integrate climate change topic in every field of teaching, hopefully this will increase awareness towards climate change among students. This kind of workshop should be done in every part of our country even in schools so that school teachers can also integrate these tools in their teaching. Thanks for conducting this kind of workshop...

Congratulations to the entire SVC TEAM and TROPICSU members for organizing the workshop. Everyone is going to be benefited.
It was a wonderful experience. The level and diversity of discussion were outstanding. Thanks SVC and TROPICSU team.
View a Detailed Report on the Workshop

Workshop for Geography Teachers in Strobl, Austria

Our partners from the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) introduced the TROP ICSU project and its teaching resources at a teachers training event as part of the reunion of the Austrian Geography teachers in Strobl, Austria. This workshop was conducted in German for representatives of the Austrian federal states' Geography teachers, who are responsible for teachers training curriculum in their federal states. Therefore, it is expected that the project will benefit from a significant multiplier effect.

In summary, the teachers provided positive feedback on the Geography teaching resources and found them to be useful. The participants also recommended that such a training workshop and the TROP ICSU teaching resources would be beneficial for teachers of other disciplines and other school types. 

Presentation at Workshop for Climate Scientists in Pune, India

Rahul Chopra presented the climate education resources of the TROP ICSU project to climate scientists in a talk titled "Climate Across the Curriculum: Teaching Climate Change In The Classroom" at the "Science and Training Workshop on Climate Change over the High Mountains of Asia (HMA)" on October 11, 2018, at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) in Pune, India. 

This workshop was organized by the Centre for Climate Change Research (CCCR) at the IITM, Pune, jointly with the Monsoon Asia Integrated Research for Sustainability - Future Earth (MAIRS-FE) project office at the Divecha Centre for Climate Change (DCCC), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru. The workshop focused on "integrating regional climate downscaling activities, facilitating cross-fertilization of scientific expertise and engaging the community of Asian scientists for capacity building."


Survey for Educators

The TROP ICSU Educators Survey is available in 10 languages. We have received responses from countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania. Thank you to all our survey respondents for their valuable inputs!

Please share the survey link with other teachers/educators in your network. We look forward to receiving a large number of responses from all regions of the world to help us create more effective and useful teaching resources.

Upcoming Events

The TROP ICSU team will conduct a workshop for teachers at Kampala, Uganda, in November 2018 with enthusiastic and valuable support from our partner, the African Union of Conservationists (AUC)

Around the Web: Resources to Teach Topics in a Discipline with Climate-related Examples

Simple Models (in the R language) for Teaching Topics in Various Disciplines through the Context of Climate

Toy Models, from the Denning Research Group at Colorado State University
Resources for Teaching Physics and Earth Sciences by using Climate-related Examples, Case Studies and Activities

ACS Climate Science Toolkit, from the American Chemical Society
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