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November-December 2018

Climate Across the Curriculum:
Workshops for Teachers in Uganda

Are East Africa's mountain gorillas vulnerable to climate change? What is the possible impact of climate change on the production of Irish potatoes and rice in Uganda? How can climate resilience be built in an economy dominated by agriculture?
These lesson plan ideas were suggested by participants at the TROP ICSU workshops in Uganda in November 2018.

To introduce the TROP ICSU digital teaching resources to educators and to seek feedback and review on the use of these resources, the TROP ICSU team is facilitating workshops in various countries, with support from the project partners. Two TROP ICSU workshops—a 2-day workshop for university lecturers and a 2-day workshop for high school teachers—were conducted in collaboration with the African Union of Conservationists (AUC) at Kampala, Uganda, from November 27 to November 30, 2018. The workshops included participants from various parts of Uganda and representatives from Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, and Rwanda. The educators expressed keen interest and enthusiasm in learning about digital pedagogy, the creation and usage of lesson plans, and the integration of climate change education with existing curriculum in various disciplines and subjects.

We are also collaborating with local partners in Bhutan, South Africa, Australia, and China to plan and organize TROP ICSU workshops in these countries in the period between February and May 2019.

In other project updates, the detailed methodology adopted for the selection, development, review, and validation of teaching resources collated in the TROP ICSU project is now available on the project website. In addition, a policy document for the TROP ICSU website and the teaching resources, including clear statements on copyright practice standards, has been published and is accessible on the project website. 

In other news, the TROP ICSU project will be represented at several sessions on climate change education at COP 24 in Katowice, Poland, on 13 and 14 December, 2018. Dr. Rahul Chopra will speak in sessions titled "Climate Education and Capacity Building for Students and Local Communities", "Climate Change Education for All: Taking Everyone Along to Boost Sustainable Solutions at a Local Level", and "Climate Change Education and Training: Leadership and Excellence". He will also present the TROP ICSU project at the IPCC WMO pavilion.

Stay tuned to the Upcoming Events section of the newsletter for information about a TROP ICSU workshop near your location.

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TROP ICSU Workshops in Uganda

Summary of the Workshops

Two TROP ICSU workshops for teachers were conducted with the valuable support of the African Union of Conservationists (AUC) in Kampala, Uganda, from November 27 to November 30, 2018.

The workshop for university lecturers was attended by 88 participants from various disciplines such as the Biological Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Agriculture, Social Administration, and Mathematics. The workshop for high school teachers was attended by 73 participants from various disciplines such as History, Geography, Chemistry, Literature, Physics, and ICT.

In addition to educators from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, and Rwanda, a representative from the National Curriculum Development Center (NCDC), Uganda, and a member of the Uganda National Council for Science and Technology (UNCST) also participated in the workshop sessions.

The workshops began with a few plenary sessions that introduced the work of AUC, the objectives of the workshop, and the TROP ICSU project and teaching resources. Then, participants carried out hands-on, interactive activities to explore and use the digital teaching resources on the TROP ICSU website. They worked in discipline-based groups to review the resources and to develop new lesson plan ideas for teaching topics in their discipline with the help of climate-related examples.
Participant Feedback and Reactions

Overall, the participants were keen on learning about the usage of digital teaching resources in the classroom and the integration of climate science/climate change-related topics in their existing curriculum. They also actively participated in the creation of new lesson plans and specifically, in the generation of ideas that are locally relevant to Africa as a continent or to one of the countries/regions in Africa.

From the participants:
It is a great pleasure to get this opportunity of workshop! The content covered during this period has sharped my mind about our contributions as teachers (from different disciplines) in climate! I will recommend these digital tools to my fellow teachers (on my highest ability) and I have to make a climate advocacy within the community! Wish such workshops in next days(hope this is the first not the first and the last at once! Once again, thanks!

I found the training is interesting, however we should have to focus on what is next to be done ? how we can bring a wider impact at regional or African level by incorporating climate issues in curriculum at different levels.
Use pedagogy of integration to find smooth entry points of climate change and then develop supplementary materials or change the existing textbooks
View a Detailed Report on the Workshops

TROP ICSU Project Methodology

We have now documented the detailed methodology adopted to identify, review, develop, validate, and publish teaching resources on the TROP ICSU website.


The main stages in the adopted methodology and the steps within each of these stages can be viewed on the project website at: Methodology.

Policy for TROP ICSU Website and Teaching Resources

We have published a detailed policy document including clear statements on the copyright practice standards for the TROP ICSU website and teaching resources as well as recommendations for TROP ICSU users and contributors.

This policy document is available on the project website at: Policy Document for TROP ICSU Website and Teaching Resources.


Survey for Educators

The TROP ICSU Educators Survey is available in 10 languages. We have received responses from countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania. Thank you to all our survey respondents for their valuable inputs!

Please share the survey link with other teachers/educators in your network. We look forward to receiving a large number of responses from all regions of the world to help us create more effective and useful teaching resources.

Upcoming Events

TROP ICSU will participate in various sessions at COP24 in Katowice, Poland, on 13 and 14 December, 2018. These sessions include presentations and a panel discussion on climate change education.

The TROP ICSU team will conduct a workshop for teachers in Bhutan in February 2018

Around the Web: Resources to Teach Topics in a Discipline with Climate-related Examples

Online Interactive Computer Models for Teaching Topics in Various Disciplines through the Context of Climate

Models, from David Archer, the University of Chicago
Ideas for Teaching Earth-related Topics, including Climate Change, in Various Disciplines

Earth Learning Idea
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