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Emperors of the Deep by William McKeever (HarperOne, paperback 2019)
Think you know sharks? Think again, you don't unless you read Emperors of the Deep- The Shark. The reader will get the latest discoveries of the big Four Sharks- great white, mako, tiger and hammerhead.  In addition, you will understand how 100 million sharks are massacred every year not just for fins but for squalene that goes into making vaccines. Yet we need sharks desperately to maintain the ecosystem. From the family-friendly waters of Cape Cod to the coral reefs of the Central Pacific, William McKeever introduces us to scientists, and world-renowned shark experts to explain why and what we all can do about it.

William McKeever lives in New York City, where he writes books and produces films about ocean conservatism. In recognition for his outstanding achievement in shark education and protection, the Pegasus Foundation presented him with its prestigious Wings Award in 2020.

“This book will make you view sharks in a whole new light, reveling their mysteries without forsaking their wonder." - Dane Huckelbridge, author of "No Beast So Fierce"

Trumpty Dumpty 2: From Mother Goose to Wonderland... by Michael Luzzi (Boggs Hill Boys Press, 2020)
This follow up to Luzzi's of Trumpty Dumpty Invades Mother Goose (2018), this poignant political parody uses "Alice In Wonderland" characters to represent Trump and his associates as they go down the rabbit hole masquerading as competent officials who believe they know how to run a country. Luzzi’s choice for his book seems prescient in light of Jared Kushner’s statement in Woodward’s RAGE that Alice in Wonderland was “a guiding text for the Trump presidency."

Michael Luzzi currently lives in Newtown, Connecticut. His interviews with American poets, writers, actors, and leaders in the business community have appeared in major publications like The New York Times.

He currently teaches English, and is teaching a film-as-literature class part time in Bethel, Connecticut. This is his second book.
Fullness: A Memoir by Azure Moyna (Moyna & Associates, 2020)
Azure, 28, having recently married, moved to a new town, started a new job and bought a house, awakes in the middle of the night choking on her own vomit after a binge. An internet search and subsequent first online therapy session with psychologist Sylvie commences Azure’s journey to heal what she learned to be called Compulsive Over Eating Disorder, although at the time she is mostly motivated to lose weight for an upcoming wedding in which she is to be a bridesmaid.

Azure Moyna is a writer and coach. She is a Director of Quality in the biomedical device industry, holds a Master's Degree in Regulatory Affairs, a Bachelor's Degree in Animal Physiology and Neuroscience and is a certified coach in Eating Psychology.

“Healing and growth cannot be done in a vacuum. We need to share our stories and connect with others in order to change not only our lives, but social norms as well. Azure has a relatable and powerful story, and her courage in sharing it will leave a legacy of hope and healing.” – Mandy Sciacchitano, Life Coach and Speaker

America's Environmental Crisis by Peter Wellenberger (Central Park South Publishing, 2020)

 America's Environmental Crisis, Peter shares his own experiences as manager of the Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, as well as other short stories of climate change and nature preservation to shed light on the issues of climate change, and present some solutions.

Peter Wellenberger's work at the Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve helped protect over 10,000 acres of coastal lands. He was the recipient of the Dr. Nancy Foster Habitat Conservation Award in 2008, and now lives on Long Island with his wife Kathy.

"The author has done an incredible job of research, pulling together facts and his observations in a way that provides a real value add in terms of environmental history," - Richard Z. Donovan, Forest Advisor

A Water Lily Blooms by Sylvia Mader (Virtual BookWorm Publishing, 2019)

This novel follows the struggles of Andrea Bradford who leaves her peaceful Martha’s Vineyard home for college, wanting to be a physician. But once at college, she begins suffering the anxieties of homesickness, a blistering schedule, constant disagreements with her mother, and the uncertainty of a possible stage career. Meanwhile, several romances, awaken her pent-up sexuality and introduce her to interracial realities and even the lure of New York high society. Episodes of confusion, disappointment, elation, tragedy, and reconciliation all shape Andie, as she grows to become a mature, competent woman by the end of this truly captivating story.

Sylvia Mader is one of America's most successful college biology textbook authors of the last twenty-five years. She is currently writing “When the Bluebird Sings", a novel following the children of Andie, the heroine from A Water Lily Blooms. You can learn more on her website here

"Water Lily" is a great old fashioned coming of age tale, set in the 80's, with many twists and turns." - Amazon Review

The Harbinger by Mary Eicher (Nine Star Press, 2020)
The first book in the Artemis series, The Harbinger is a contemporary novel that blends mystery and romance. A terrifying premonition has begun warning victims of their imminent demise. The newly emergent precognitive ability is dubbed the Harbinger of Death as it slowly spreads around the world. Artemis and Lucy are determined to unravel the source of the deadly premonitions. 

 Mary Eicher has received various awards for her writing, among them the Silver Pen. Her short stories populate a variety of fanfic websites and anthologies. Perceptions, the second book in the series, is scheduled for release this fall. Revelations which concludes the trilogy will be released in the spring 2021. 

The Harbinger is a fast paced story that kept me turning pages right to the end. Can't wait for the next Artemis book to come out." - Amazon Review

Center Stage: A Political Thriller by Wayne Avrashow (RealClear Publishing, 2021)

Releasing January 2021, Center Stage follows mega-rock star Tyler Sloan who decides to leave the Las Vegas stage to run for a seat on the United States Senate. No stranger to politics, Tyler's estranged father was a California governor who narrowly lost his presidential campaign. It's this experience and his performance skills on full display as Sloan renders a show-stopping performance as an independent candidate for Senate.

Wayne Avrashow is a practicing attorney who specializes in government advocacy, real estate, and business law. He has an extensive political background, including serving as a senior advisor for a successful City of Los Angeles ballot referendum, a Chairman for a Los Angeles County ballot measure, and was a Los Angeles government Commissioner for nearly twenty years.

In the tradition of Allen Drury and Richard Condon comes the next great author of political thrillers: Wayne Avrashow. --Michael Levin, New York Times bestselling author
The Medina Device by TJ Champitto (Blackrose Writing, 2020)
Winner of 2020 Maxy and Pencraft Awards - Best Thriller 
Former Navy SEAL Cameron Lyle is adapting to life as a husband, father and government contractor. His thirst for adventure has driven him to a secret life of high-stakes crime. When a mysterious device is found in the mountains of Bolivia, an ancient brotherhood emerges to offer Cameron the opportunity of a lifetime—to steal the greatest discovery in human history from a rogue cell of U.S. intelligence officers. 

TJ Champitto is an American novelist with a talent for suspenseful storytelling of fast-paced adventures. With his debut novel, Champitto has burst onto the literary scene as an exciting new author who is poised to unleash more thrilling works.

"Featuring a whirlwind pace and a captivating style, The Medina Device is a perfect afternoon escape!"-Indies Today

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