Try one of our delicious sakes (pronounced SAK-ay, not SAH-kee) that are new to the shop.  Did you know sake is actually a very food friendly rice wine and can be light, delicate and fruity?  Read on and try one of our new options today.

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Sayuri Sake $9.99

Sayuri, which means "little lily" in Japanese, is appropriately named for its soft floral notes and its iconic cherry blossom adorned pink bottle. In actuality, the word "yuri", or "lily", has the meaning in floral terms of "chastity" and "innocence".  We created SAYURI as an embodied gracefulness of Japan. Using only selected rice and rice koji, this is pure Nigori sake brewed up carefully with the natural water of Rokko. 

This creamy Sake passes through a mesh and is coarsely filtered. This process gives SAYURI a refreshing aroma, natural sweetness and smooth aftertaste.  Delicately sweet, light and creamy, very easy to drink. Hints of white grape and elements of cherry blossom tie in seamlessly to create a lush, creamy saké with a deliciously smooth finish. Enjoy SAYURI chilled. Shake well before serving.

What are in house certified sommelier, Carlos Cisneros says.
"Fantastic sake!!!  Highly recommend.  Fruity, silky, soy and almond flavors, slightly sweet. Incredible." 

That's a good enough reason for us to try it, how about you?


Kuromatsu-Hakushika, Snow Beauty,
Nigori Sake $12.99

Unfiltered sake that pours white, like new fallen snow. Nigori literally means “cloudy sake”. Nigori is a style rather than a classification. Nigori style has rice solids (lees) suspended in the sake. Nigori is technically NOT unfiltered rather it is coarsely pressed (Sake undergoes both pressing and filtration).
The nose is fresh, with a sweet coconut and rice pudding aroma. Supported by a hearty thickness and rich rice flavor that nigori is known for, Snow Beauty also has an almost wine-like undertone. Like it’s name suggests, serve this one cold. One sip and you’ll feel like you’re stepping out into a white wonderland.

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