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We've updated the Lasting Difference toolkit and it's available as a hassle-free direct download below.
The new 5th edition replaces all previous editions.
Get your copy here and start sharing it with your teams.

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  • The 5th edition toolkit - still free, still vital
  • Free practice sharing event
  • Lasting Difference symbol update
  • New knowledge management guide
  • Last chance to join our elearning cohort
  • New Covid-specific learning resources

The new Lasting Difference toolkit is here:

New content. New look.
Still free. Still vital.

The first edition launched during austerity. This revised edition arrives during a global crisis. There's no doubt Covid-19 has intensified the challenges, but the fundamental principles and practices remain.

Organisations that survived in the past, present and future
Retain a single-minded focus on their core purpose. (See ours below!)
Evolve and adapt purposefully, knowing that sustainability is about change.
Involve communities and partners, sharing ownership and responsibility.
Take a holistic approach to income generation, knowing their costs and proving their worth.
The new edition sharpens things up with:
  • Revised indicators for Innovation and Improvement
  • Fuller, clearer Impact Measurement principles
  • New look self-assessment, scoring system and visual score summary
  • Aligned leadership content and overall design with the Lasting Leadership guide.
Over 6000 organisations have already benefited. But we know that thousands of others are missing out just when they need it most. Help us reach 4000 more in 2020 - see below.
That's why over the next few months, our single-minded focus
will be on getting the toolkit to every charity, social enterprise,
funder, and public body that needs it.

Wherever you work, whatever your role, please help
by sharing the toolkit
with anyone who could benefit. Get yours here and start spreading the word!

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Read on for:
  • Practice sharing
  • Lasting Difference Symbol news
  • Knowledge management
  • E-learning
  • Covid-specific resources

Book now for our free practice-sharing event in June

Join us on 4th June for the first Lasting Difference networking event. Our online learning platform provides just about everything we'd have face-to-face (apart from lunch!), making it easy to take part wherever you are based.
Share ideas, questions and develop practice, with a focus on sustainable impact. Learn how others are addressing organisational sustainability, including our inspiring Lasting Difference symbol holders (see below).
  • Children 1st
  • Cerebral Palsy Scotland
  • Dyslexia Scotland
  • Support in Mind Scotland
  • Victim Support Scotland
Join us for the usual blend of informality, information and inspiration. Find out more and book your place:
Click here for more information or to book your place.

Symbol update: now it's free too!

The Lasting Difference symbol was created to help charities show their commitment to sustainability. Using the symbol helps you to demonstrate to funders, partners, staff and communities that your organisation is committed to developing good practice.
Seven organisations have proudly been awarded the symbol. But just like the Lasting Difference itself, we want more organisations to benefit. So we've made some changes:
  • It's now FREE to apply for the symbol
  • We've stopped awarding wall plaques but still provide the same trademarked visual assets
  • Once awarded, the licence lasts for 12 months and can be easily renewewed.
All you need to do is tell us how you have used the Lasting Difference. Remember, sustainability is a journey not a destination, so using the symbol is a sign of ongoing commitment that everyone can make.
Download the symbol application in Microsoft Word
Read on for:
  • Your guide to managing knowledge
  • Last chance for elearning before autumn
  • Covid-specific resources

Your clear guide to managing knowledge

Francis Bacon famously said ‘Knowledge itself is power.’

But in the workplace, knowledge alone is not enough. It needs the right capacity and resources to be truly powerful. Which is why it's a major concern for our clients right now, during the Covid crisis.
Our four page guide helps you to answer these critical questions:
Where does your business-critical knowledge live – who has it and where?
What are the risks that your organisation knows less than its staff?
What happens to your knowledge when people leave or go on furlough?

How do you capture and use today’s learning to help sustain your organisation towards a new future?
Should you focus on getting knowledge out of people’s heads and into written policies?
The answer to this last question depends on whether you view knowledge as a product or as a process - see below.
When it is done well, knowledge management helps to:
  • Improve services and strategy
  • Develop staff
  • Manage succession
  • Preserve mission-critical knowledge
  • Sustain key relationships
  • Share and scale best practices
  • Ensure quality and fidelity
  • Increase efficiency and improve innovation other words, improve sustainability!
Download your copy of our straightforward guide here

Last chance for e-learning!

Our e-learning module closes to new enrolments on 29th May, reopening in autumn.

The Introduction to Organisational Sustainability helps you set the foundations of sustaining your organisation, whatever your role. Featuring six-hours of self-directed learning using a range of enjoyable activities among supportive peers.
The course is an easy way to:
  • Assess your organisation's next steps and manage change
  • Review capacity, resources, priorities and partnerships
  • Embed or review Lasting Difference principles in this new reality
  • Enhance CPD, gain an e-learning badge, learning at your own pace in your own way.
New for this start date:
  • Two additional interactive group sessions to reflect on shared challenges and learning
  • Two-hours free consultancy support for you or your team
  • Reduced fee: Was £120 now £100 (group discounts also available).
Sign up now! Email to get up and running straightaway.

New Covid-specific resources

Like everyone else, we've learned lots about the different ways nonprofit organisations are responding to the Covid crisis. And, having hosted and facilitated in-depth explorations of the issue with over 200 people in our e-learning platform, we've got some resources to share.

These notes, from the first of four workshops with ACOSVO, focus on sustaining leadership, with ideas for managing time, trust, control and self-care. [You can sign up for future sessions here].

Keep in touch and visit for more workshop notes and reports over the next few months.

The headlines from the first session in our year-long action learning programme on Lasting Leadership are:

Covid-19 has intensified the sector's leadership challenges but they are universal, not unique to this crisis. It has made leaders face up to the challenges described in Part One of the Lasting Leadership guide, making hard decisions about what’s needed: priorities, efficiency, flexibility.

Nonprofits have been very action-focused, adjusting services for the people they serve. Now they need to do the same for staff. Support people to look after themselves, trust them do the job and let them work the hours that suit. Leaders also need to demonstrate self-care, the ability to prioritise, and accountability to themselves and others.

Organisational purposes are evolving rapidly and need to be reviewed more often. Strategies need to be refined, redefined and communicated constantly. Leaders' visions need to be clear and continually refreshed. At this end for example, the Lasting Difference team are having strategy planning sessions fortnightly.

Delegation is easy to say and harder to do. Let go - it's a joy when colleagues come to you with solutions not problems, intentions not questions. When people are clearer on the 'why' (core outcomes, goals, strategies) they become leaders in their own way.

It's lonely at the top and leaders can feel disconnected at the moment. Responding to crisis can turn us into human or organisational octopuses, being all things to all people. Focus on what's core – organisationally and individually. See page 33 of The Lasting Leadership Guide for more ideas.
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