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NEW guide: understanding Knowledge Management
Are you a human octopus? Try our time management activity
Early learning: findings from our action learning programme
Succession planning: download the guide

Understanding knowledge management

Our guide to knowledge management is now available as a free download here - and as a Lasting Leadership subscriber, you get it before anyone else!

'You know when you study something because it's interesting, but you're not sure how relevant it will be?'  Graeme reflects in his latest blog,
'That's how I felt about my Knowledge Management postgrad back in 2010. At the same time, I knew that business school fashions usually spread to real world after about 10 or 20 years. And here we are in 2020, with knowledge management as a key concern among our clients as they respond to the current crisis.'  Read more in Graeme's blog.
Download the Lasting Leadership guide to Knowledge Management

Don't spend time - invest it!

We've all had to review how we spend our time recently. Priorities have been reassessed. Some organisations are busier than ever, with red tape being cut and bureaucratic baggage being thrown overboard. Others have had to slow down and adjust to life at a different pace.

Both cases are stressful, but people tell us they also bring a sense of relief. Finally, it's not just possible but necessary for people and organisations to push aside the things that have held them back. Unhelpful pressures, needless processes and outdated working patterns are being left behind. 

To help you sustain these changes and use, spend or invest your time as positively as possible, we've shared one of our simple time management activities.

Adapted from an icrebreaker at our powerful biennial leadership retreats, we hope it leads to more time being invested, with a lot less being spent!
FREE resource for Lasting Leadership subscribers: download the time management activity here

Early learning from our action learning programme

We've just set off on a year-long journey to explore Lasting Leadership with an expedition team of 13 inspiring nonprofit leaders.

We'll generate lots of action and learning between now and March. These are just the headlines from the first meeting, stay tuned for whatever emerges next:
  1. Covid-19 has intensified the sector's leadership challenges but they are universal, not unique to this crisis. It has made us face up to the challenges described in Part One of the Lasting Leadership guide, making hard decisions about what’s needed: priorities, efficiency, flexibility.
  2. Nonprofits have been very action-focused, adjusting services for the people they serve. Now they need to do the same for staff. Support people to look after themselves, trust them do the job and let them work the hours that suit. Leaders also need to demonstrate self-care, the ability to prioritise, and accountability to themselves and others.
  3. Organisational purposes are evolving rapidly and need to be reviewed more often. Strategies need to be refined, redefined and communicated constantly. Leaders' visions need to be clear and continually refreshed. At this end for example, the Lasting Difference team are having strategy planning sessions at least fortnightly.
  4. Delegation is easy to say and harder to do. Let go. Let colleagues come to you with solutions not problems, intentions not questions. When people are clearer on the 'why' (core outcomes, goals, strategies) they become leaders in their own way.
  5. It's lonely at the top and leaders can feel disconnected at the moment. Responding to crisis can turn us into human or organisational octopuses, being all things to all people. Focus on what's core – organisationally and individually. See page 33 of The Lasting Leadership Guide for more ideas.

Succession planning

Succession planning guide now available
In the early days of the crisis, we released this guide to succession planning. It can help with contingency planning and business continuity, but it's really about building capacity, investing in knowledge and the process of succession.

It's a journey not a destination, so wherever you are in your organisational lifecycle it's always the right time to understand and act on succession. Download the guide and tell us what you discover.

Download the Lasting Leadership guide to succession planning

Lasting Difference updates and opportunities:

1. Networking for lasting impact

Join us for our first networking event for organisations who have achieved the Lasting Difference Symbol, or who are interested in working towards it.
Share and develop practice, with a focus on sustainable impact and learning from how others are addressing organisational sustainability.

Free online session using our online learning platform.

Thursday 4th June 10am-12pm for more information or to book your place.
Click here for more information or to book your place.

2. E-learning opportunity

Our latest e-learning course has begun and it's not too late to join.

As one of our participants noted, there's a great mix of participants on the programme, providing great opportunities for learning. With managers, trustees, diverse charities and a funder, there's real committment to supporting their own and each other's learning about sustainability.

The Introduction to Organisational Sustainability guides you through the paradoxes, myths and challenges featured in The Lasting Difference. Book now for the chance to work on your own organisation, share practice with others and benefit from specially facilitated webinars.

As part of our commitment to sustaining the sector, we're taking 20% off the course fee, providing three extra online sessions and offering two hours free consultancy support to each organisation that participates.
  • "Inspired me to think about things - and do things - differently! Particularly around pursuing funding and capacity."
  • "Great course. I like that it included videos and a diary. The quizzes helped consolidate the learning."
The course takes six hours to complete and can be done in your own time between now and the end June. Now with additional opportunities to share practice with others online. Individual places are £100 inc Vat (group discounts available).
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