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Greetings from Cynthia Wood Spinner!
As fall approaches so does the deadline to enter various Skein and Garment competitions.  I encourage you to consider entering yarn or a project you have made.  I received constructive feedback for my entries.  There are potential prizes as well, including one I have contributed.  Check out the festival websites for details and deadlines.
October 5 -6, 2019 Fall Fiber Festival  just outside Orange, VA
October 25 -27, 2019 Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair  in Fletcher, NC

  While we think of projects to enter I want to share some of mine from this summer.  
This is a poncho I knit from Galway sheep's wool I spun as a two ply, on my spindles of course.  The pattern is SpinCycle Poncho by Kate Burge and Rachel Price.  My only change was the color blocks.  
I was in the workshop this afternoon turning stands, bases, for a new group of spindle sets.  This stand in Ambrosia Maple with Quilting captured my attention.  I kept stopping the lathe so I could admire the grain pattern and shading.  I wanted to share it with you.  The set will be completed with a Branch size Top Whorl spindle, the whorl coming from the same board as the stand.  This set and the others I am making should be finished just in time for the festivals.
 I have been keeping track of my spinning progress each month.  This is my end of month spinning.  The dark brown Jacob was spun as a single on the Top whorl Branch size spindles.  At 1.5 lbs it has spanned several months.  I did the plying of the Firebird color Romney by Unplanned Peacock Studio on my Trunk size Top whorl spindle, the singles were spun at various fall festivals.  I have been spinning some of the white Merino and Angora blend on a Bottom whorl Branch size Spindle.  Not to be left out is the project I keep in the car, a Top whorl Branch size spindle and Raspberry Cheesecake color Corriedale from Purple Fleece.
This was the beginning of August picture.  As you might suspect I emptied and refilled the front spindles several times.
I anticipate adding the Branch size Top whorl spindles, I finished this week, to the web-store before Tuesday.  I will post on social media when the update happens.

I hope you have a nice Labor Day Weekend.
Thank you for letting me turn your fiber arts tools.


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I make tools to be used and enjoyed, as well as look pretty.  I would like to know if your tool has suffered damage or is giving you difficulty, I may be able to help.  

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