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Welcome to this week’s issue of The Teaching Space Extra.

Guernsey is heading deeper into Autumn now. As a dog owner, one major benefit of the winter months approaching that me and my canine bestie are permitted on all island beaches. Over the summer, we are restricted. However, we’ll both be in wellies and waterproofs today (well, me more so than her!) Why am I telling you about my dog? Keep reading to the end and I'll close the loop, I promise.

This Week’s Podcast

I’ve got a cracking podcast episode for you this week:

Powerful Plenaries: An Interview with Oli Bailey-Davies

Oli is a performing arts lecturer at the Guernsey College of Further Education (we work together) and the artistic director of theatre company called Tin Whistle Productions.

As part of our professional development cycle last academic year, Oli explored the purpose and impact of plenaries. I invited him on the show to share his findings.

New Podcast Alert

On the subject of podcasts, I was chatting with some colleagues last week about professional development (that’s my day job). I mentioned that Twitter was a great source of PD for me, as was listening to podcasts. A couple of colleagues were surprised. I’m not sure whether it was the fact that there are education podcasts in existence (…ahem!) or that listening to a podcast could be legitimately labelled as professional development. Well, I’m here to tell you - it can. While noting your Twitter time on your PD log might be a little challenging, why not include podcasts?

Here’s a new podcast for you to try:

The Love to Teach Podcast

The podcast is hosted by Kate Jones. Kate is Head of History for a British school in Abu Dhabi. She is also an author (Love To Teach: Research and Resources for Every Classroom ) with a second book on the way. Kate has five podcast episodes available covering topics such as education conferences and events, study strategies and edu-twitter. I love what I’ve heard so far and encourage you to have a listen too.

World Mental Health Day

And finally, it was World Mental Health Day earlier this week. I became aware that 10 October was significant because lots of people mentioned it in general conversation and a few wished me “Happy World Mental Health Day”. Twitter was also awash with hashtags and personal stories about mental health.

Isn’t that incredible? Are we finally getting to a place where mental health is part of everyday conversation? I certainly hope so.

I have struggled with my mental health in the past and have, thankfully, had access to support. As a result, I am more aware of my triggers and can usually spot the signs of my mental health deteriorating. If this happens, one of the first things I do is make more time for self-care. Once upon a time, the phrase “self-care” would have caused me to groan and roll my eyes (a sure sign I needed to make time for self-care, ironically!)

My primary self-care activity is walking my dog. The activity encompasses fresh air, exercise, unconditional love and unlimited cuddles! I find dog walks are more beneficial if I unplug from technology too. No audiobooks, music or social media. That way, I can be present.

What about you? How do you do self-care?

If you cannot answer this question then you might be struggling to make time for self-care. If that is the case, have a listen to this podcast episode. It’s a good place to start.

That’s all from me today - have a great week!

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