MIT has always been an engine for innovation. At Solve, we recognize there are innovators all over the globe, with great solutions to problems in...
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Give to Solve on Pi Day 3.14

Solve featured in MIT's 24-Hour Challenge

MIT has always been an engine for innovation. And at Solve, we recognize there are innovators all over the globe. Over the last two years, Solve and its partners have committed over $7 million to 99 Solver teams, incredible tech entrepreneurs developing solutions to the world's most pressing problems. All of this has been made possible by generous support from our community, including MIT alumni, faculty/staff, students, supporters, and friends like you.

By giving to Solve as part of the MIT 24-Hour Challenge this Pi Day, you’ll help us continue this progress. Pi Day is a 24-hour giving challenge at MIT held annually on March 14—also known as a celebration of the world-famous mathematical constant (π). If we receive 50 gifts by 11:59pm ET on March 14, Solve Members Putnam Associates, Red Carpet Capital Limited UK, and Kevin Xu will make a generous donation of $15,000 to Solve! We're also giving away swag: the first 10 people to donate $25 or more will win a pair of Solve socks. 🧦

Together, we can open the doors of a world-class institution to entrepreneurs from all corners of the world who represent the spirit of MIT. Learn more


“MIT Solve is a great organization making a real difference: directing entrepreneurial energy to address big problems. Our partners and associates are hugely energized to participate in Solve initiatives, from business case screening to support for individual Solver teams. We’re proud to be involved today and in Solve’s continued evolution,” says Domenick Bertelli, Partnership Co-Chair at Putnam Associates, a Solve Member participating in the MIT 24-Hour Pi Day Challenge.

Keep reading to hear from some inspirational Solver teams from the 2018 Solver Class who are working to solve the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Karen Naimer
Director, Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones
Physicians for Human Rights

How has Solve shaped your work?
A: At Physicians for Human Rights, we have been working with medical partners in Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to design and field test MediCapt—a mobile app that transforms the way clinicians collect, document, and preserve digital forensic medical evidence of sexual violence. This evidence helps to strengthen accountability for sexual violence and access to justice for survivors of these crimes. We are at a pivotal moment of growth. Solve has connected us with public and private sector colleagues, global thought leaders, social entrepreneurs, and funders in technology and human rights, who have helped us to clarify our vision and navigate a strategic way forward. Read more

Dr. Dennis Yancey Jr.
(BS ‘97)
Co-founder and CEO
Marauder Robotics

Marauder Robotics
Q: Tell us something interesting about your time at MIT, and what did you take away from your MIT experience?
A: Wow! I graduated from MIT 22 years ago. I was a double major in course 5 and 10. At one time, I worked three jobs (secretary, tutor, and copy center dock worker) while being on the finance board and playing football. MIT continues to shape every aspect of my life. The one person that had the most impact on my adult life is Dean Isaac Colbert [former Dean for Graduate Students at MIT]. The many lessons and conversations I’ve had with him shape how I look at the world, how I build and manage teams, and my vision of how technology can be used to help the world. Read more

Ifeoluwa Olokode
Partnerships and Growth Lead

How has Solve shaped LifeBank's work?
A: Being part of the 2018 Solver class has provided incredible validation for the importance of our work and the feasibility of our ambitions. LifeBank’s vision is to build a smart healthcare system for the developing world. Having the support of a prestigious social impact incubator like MIT Solve signals to the rest of the world that we are a company to look out for. Solve has also helped us accelerate our work on SmartBag, our essential medical product integrity solution that will improve the safety standards of blood and other cold chain dependent medicines. Read more

Alice Little
Head of Strategic Operations and Senior Cognitive Neuroscientist


Q: What are you most proud of being affiliated with Solve?
A: We are increasing the scope of our solution by providing education to Syrian refugee children in Lebanon, which we announced as part of our application to become a Solver. Being part of the 2018 Solver Class has been hugely impactful in extending our reach into this region. Our affiliation with Solve is allowing us to reach more students in need of innovative educational solutions to learn and grow. Read more


In the spirit of the MIT 24-Hour Challenge, we invite you to pledge your support for Solve’s programs by donating online. If we receive 50 gifts by 11:59pm ET on March 14, Solve members Putnam Associates, Red Carpet Capital Limited UK, and Kevin Xu will make a generous donation of $15,000 to MIT Solve.