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Newsletter 9
Count Me In!
Believe…Achieve…Belong…together with Christ.  or  Telephone us on 0151 477 8400.

Admin staff who will answer your calls:
Mrs L Doyle a.m.
Mrs S Elder p.m.

Staff who are out of class to help
Miss A L Bowman  - Headteacher
Ms M Trayer - Deputy Headteacher
Mr C Lewis - Safeguarding Lead

😷 Face Masks Must Be Worn At ALL Times -
As You Approach School
& Within The School Grounds!  


Friday 12th March 2021


Dear families,

Just a quick reminder that this weekend is Census Day.  The census is a survey about all the households in England and Wales. The next census takes place on Sunday 21 March 2021. Everyone must complete the census - it's a legal requirement - and it will help all of us too! It helps decide how services are funded in your area for the next 10 years!

So make sure you don't forget to complete yours...

Find out more and complete the survey here.... 

School Life & Community News

Face Masks
It is essential to wear a face mask whilst on the school premises.
It is not acceptable for some adults who are not wearing face masks at all.

We can all forget sometimes but we must keep everyone safe.

The Local Authority has made it clear that all schools and their school community must adhere to this request.

This simple step can make a big difference, and shows that you care about the safety of others!

Take Care, Take Action, & Stay Safe: 
So we can all get back to normal soon!

Curriculum News
Early Years Lent Activities & PE day!

We are having a silly sock on Wednesday, in Nursery and Reception classes for Lent.  The children bring in a donation for the food bank please.

A reminder that PE is on Friday for Reception children from now on!

Self-Isolation & Shielding
If your family need to self-isolate, work will be available.

Any families who are self-isolating can access schoolwork via Google Classroom or request paper copies.
Google Classroom continues to be used for homework too!
Pupil Reviews 

Staff will call or Google Meet parents next week. (See the table below).

If you miss your call do not worry. They will contact you during the week.


Healthy School = Healthy Child = Healthy Mind!

Parents, please remember that we are a healthy school! 

We are increasingly getting snacks that are not appropriate -  e.g sandwiches at break time, breakfast bars loaded with sugar, chocolates and today, we have 2 large share bags of Haribo! 

Children, as a healthy school, we do not want to see sweets and chocolate in school!
Please leave them at home and eat them as a treat when your teeth can be brushed straight after eating!

Fruit should be used for snacks!  Or click on the Blueberries above for more healthy ideas.

Information & Events

Monday 22nd March 
Easter Bingo In Class - All Year Groups

£1 per child - Great Prizes.
All funds to go to the Good Shepherd.


Wednesday 24th  March  - Year 1     
Silly Socks Day
£1 for good Shepherd 


Wednesday 24th  March  -  Nursery & Reception   
Silly Socks Day
Bring an item in for the foodbank, along with your silly socks!



Monday 29th March

Easter Bingo Years  1 to  6
The BIG Video Link Game -  With Super Prizes 
£2 per child
Funds to go to Good Shepherd
 Catholic Life


Each class will be planning how they can:

  • give;
  • pray;
  • give things up.

They will share their plans over Google Classroom or twitter.

Wednesday Word

This weeks Wednesday Word  looks at the theme of  "follow"

Click on the  picture below to read the full magazine.



Pope Francis Tweets
Pope Francis sends us inspiration via his tweets.

Our favourite one this week is....
  #To experience #Lent in hope means receiving the hope of Christ, who gave his life on the cross and was raised by God on the third day, and always being prepared to make a defence to anyone who calls us to account for our hope (1 Pt 3,15).
5 Ways to Well-Being

The focus for next week is:

Today at lunchtime I was asked by a pupil, “How has your day been so far?”
It was delightful to be asked the question!

We can connect in different ways:
  • say “hello” in another language;
  • wave with a cheery smile;
  • write a letter;
  • write a poem for someone;
  • draw a picture and put it in the post for someone so that they get a surprise off the postman/lady.
I am sure that you can think of even better ways than me children, so show us in school how you will Connect!
Wellbeing & Signs of Safety

Wellbeing  Award

Thank you if you have returned your forms for Ms Trayer.

Well done to the children who won their class wellbeing logo awards.

Life Skills
The life skill for this week is :

Folding your clothes or laundry!

Take some time this weekend to help.

Learn how to fold your uniform so that it is not left to somebody

Send us a picture or video to prove you have mastered this skill! 

Send us a picture via Google Classroom or 
Celebrate the Week - Class Awards

This weeks class teacher awards go to...

Well Done To Everyone ! 

Keep Up The Good Work!

This Weeks Final Thought
Covid-19 Rapid Testing For Parents

Regular rapid testing is now available for parents, their households and bubbles.

Regular rapid testing is a fast and easy way to find out if you have coronavirus and help protect your loved ones and our community.

It’s free and takes around 30 minutes.

Click on the leaflet below to find out more.


If anyone in a household is sick or showing signs of illness;
nobody from the household should come near school.

If someone is waiting for a Covid-19 test result
the whole household should not come near school!

If anyone in household has a cough, temperature, or loss of smell,
then a PCR test is needed, at a test centre, lateral flow tests cannot be used!

We do not want anyone put at risk!


School Twitter Account


Nursery a.m.  Mrs Woods  @NurserySmaaa
Nursery p.m.  Mrs Woods  @NurseySmaaa
Reception  Miss Taylor  @smaaareception
Reception  Mrs Fairhurst  @smaaareception
Yr 1 Mrs Moore  @Smaaayear01
Yr 1 Mrs Haigh & Ms Trayer  @Smaaayear01
Yr 2 Miss Canavan  @SMAAAyear2   
Yr 2 Mrs Elliott  @SMAAAyear2   
Yr 3 Mrs Ferguson  @SMAAAYear3
Yr 3 Miss Duffy  @SMAAAClass7
Yr 4 Miss Rossiter  @SMAAAyear4
Yr 4 Miss Hester  @SMAAAyear4
Yr 5 Mrs Bird  @SMAAAyear5
Yr 5 Mrs Grundy  @SMAAAyear5
Yr 6 Mr Arnold  @SMAAAClass013
Yr 6 Mrs Hulme  @SMAAAClass14
School Website

Bereavement Support

We hope that you are safe and well, Sadly some families may not be the Sudden Bereavement Helpline  0800 2600 400  &  can support families if the need arises.

Believe…Achieve…Belong…together with Christ

Please note that the situation around Corona virus is rapidly changing and the information is correct at the time of sending this communication.

We will be updating further, as we have further information available.
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