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Newsletter 21

The Celebration Edition  or  Telephone us on 0151 477 8400.

Admin staff who will answer your calls:
Mrs L Doyle a.m.
Mrs S Elder p.m.

Staff who are out of class to help
Miss A L Bowman  - Headteacher
Ms M Trayer - Deputy Headteacher
Mr C Lewis - Safeguarding Lead

Friday 9th July 2021


Dear families,

As the final few days of term draw near, we prepare to say a fond farewell to Year 6, and as school community we wish them every success in the future.

We would also like to say well done to all the, staff, parents, and (most of all), pupils for adjusting to a very different school life this year! 

Well Done Everyone! 

School Closes 
Tuesday 20th July at normal time for all classes 

Autumn Term 2021

School Opens 
Thursday 2nd September 2021
New to Reception have their individual Start dates
Nursery Opens Monday 6th September for all a.m. and p.m. children

The Directorate of Neighbourhood Services for Knowsley Council (DNS) are paying for a free pizza lunch for all children in the school (Monday) even if they are usually a packed lunch or if they would pay – this is to celebrate the resilience everyone has shown during a very difficult year. 

School Life
5 Ways to Reading

Keeping minds active while trying to fill those long summer days can be a challenge. But help is at hand! 
Kirkby Library will be open all summer long. Please pop a long and keep your child’s mind active. 

Reading Awards

Congratulations to all the children who have gained the Gold Award this term.

Awards to be distributed next Tuesday.


When School Stops, Reading Should Not....

This summer Knowsley Council will be putting on some great fun events to help you enjoy reading.

Starting with Wild World Heroes...

Click on the picture above to find out more.
5 Ways to Wellbeing
Over the summer remember to:
  •   Connect with others
  •   Learn something new e.g. swimming/ride a bike;
  •   Give- your time or care; 
  •   Take notice of the world around you;
  •   Be Active – walk, scoot, cycle or swim

Forest School

Lots more fun this week in Forest School. Year 4 were very excited trying to put up their shelters in the wind!

There were some super clay models too.

More importantly- I saw great team- work and co-operation skills. They are skills that you will need throughout your life. Well done Yr 4.

The Wider World


If you go on a day out or on a holiday in the UK or further afield send school a post card or bring a one back to school in September.

Our address is:

SMAAA School
Sidney Powell Ave
L32 0TP
United Kingdom
School Health
Winter Flu Spray 

Here is the link to register for the Winter Flu Spray in the Autumn term.

The Immunisation Service will no longer accept paper copies of any parental consents.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural

Let’s try to reduce our need for single use plastic.

Remember to take shopping bags with you when you shop.

Use re-fillable water bottles.

Use plastic boxes rather than clingfilm or plastic sandwich bags.

Let’s do our best. 
School Events
Year 6 Picnic Afternoon 2:00-4:00 p.m. Monday 19th July 

Class Award Events Tuesday 20th July  

Year 6 Blessing from Fr Andrew Tuesday 20th July 10:00 a.m. 

Year 6 assemblies to be posted on Year 6 Google Classroom Monday through to Tuesday at 12pm.


When we return to school in September our children will wear their winter uniform.

Black school shoes are part of the school uniform.
  Please do not purchase trainers - (This includes black trainers)! 

This applies to all children in all year groups!

Thank you
School Laptops or Touch Screen Devices 

If you have borrowed a school laptop during lockdown then now is the time to return it.

Very soon they will not function as they do now, and without an update (that we need to complete by mid July) they will be come useless.

Please return to the main office. So we can update them  and the the children won't miss out!

Thank you for your help.
 Catholic Life

Collective Worship


Our theme this week was St Joseph.

He was given a huge responsibility to care for his family and was not afraid to take up his role.

Moving into your new year groups – do not be afraid.
Be Brave-Be Strong- Be Happy

Wednesday Word

This weeks Wednesday Word is a bumper summer edition. 

Click on the  picture below to read the full magazine.



Pope Francis Tweets
Pope Francis sends us inspiration via his tweets.

Our favourite one this week is....

  "Let us not forget to pray for the sick and for those who assist them.

Celebrate the Week - Class Awards

This weeks class teacher awards go to...

Well Done To Everyone ! 

Keep Up The Good Work!


Well done to the 76 Children who have been in school every day we have been open this year. Certificates will be sent home next week.


If your child needs to be off school for reasons other than illness you must make a request using the following form. School will decide if the request will be authorised and send you a letter.
Any pupil having an absence without making a request will be classed as unauthorised – so it’s really important that you inform us!
Attendance - Reporting Absences
Reporting ALL absences is even more important at the moment. This helps us to keep the building Covid-19 secure.

Parents please make sure you follow our procedures, so we don't have to isolate any bubbles.  

Please telephone school on 0151 477 8400  on the first day of absence. You can also send an email to

Tell our admin staff the reason for the absence, and when you expect your child to return to school.

All unexplained absences will be looked at by our Attendance Lead, & possibly the School Attendance Service, so it's really important that you report all absences by 10am on the first day of absence!

Remember if your child is off school due to illness,  hospital  or dental appointments,  you must  also send an email with a copy of the medical letter / proof to  

We cannot authorise any absence without proof!

Covid-19 Information

Covid-19  Vaccines can now be booked for any one aged 18 or over.


Face Masks Must Be Worn At ALL Times -

As You Approach School
& Within The School Grounds! 


Staff must not be approached at the classroom door / outside - Please Telephone!


Please treat school staff with respect – they are implementing the school risk assessments.  

If anyone in a household is sick or showing signs of illness;
nobody from the household should come near school.

If someone is waiting for a Covid-19 test result
the whole household should not come near school!

If anyone in household has a cough, temperature, or loss of smell,
then a PCR test is needed, at a test centre, lateral flow tests cannot be used!

We do not want anyone put at risk!

Please note that the situation around Corona virus is rapidly changing and the information is correct at the time of sending this communication.

We will be updating further, as we have further information available.

School Twitter Account


Nursery a.m.  Mrs Woods  @NurserySmaaa
Nursery p.m.  Mrs Woods  @NurseySmaaa
Reception  Miss Taylor  @smaaareception
Reception  Mrs Fairhurst  @smaaareception
Yr 1 Mrs Moore  @Smaaayear01
Yr 1 Mrs Haigh & Ms Trayer  @Smaaayear01
Yr 2 Miss Canavan  @SMAAAyear2   
Yr 2 Mrs Elliott  @SMAAAyear2   
Yr 3 Mrs Ferguson  @SMAAAYear3
Yr 3 Miss Duffy  @SMAAAClass7
Yr 4 Miss Rossiter  @SMAAAyear4
Yr 4 Miss Hester  @SMAAAyear4
Yr 5 Mrs Bird  @SMAAAyear5
Yr 5 Mrs Grundy  @SMAAAyear5
Yr 6 Mr Arnold  @SMAAAClass013
Yr 6 Mrs Hulme  @SMAAAClass14
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