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October is back, and it’s one of our favorite months! The eternal turning of the seasons brings with it some spectacular views as aspens and cottonwoods exchange their summer greenery for the burnished, flame-colored leaves of fall, and whether you’re soaking in the beauty of the Kaibab Plateau or coasting along the highways on your way through Utah, you’ll definitely want to take a few side roads to experience the spectacular golden glow of autumn in all its glory.  And there’s no better way to do this than… (you guessed it!) an off-road tour with Dreamland to wild new desert vistas.
Come see what we’re cooking up for the seasons to come… 
Photo Credit: Brenda Herring (Dreamland Guest)
Speaking of finding new horizons to explore, lots of adventurous folks are doing just that, and we recently wrapped up a variety of ambitious overnight excursions to capture the full beauty of the night skies.  Dreamland co-owner Sunny Stroeer and the one-and-only Cody York, Milky Way photographer extraordinaire, just finished leading an overnight photography workshop at the ever-popular White Pocket, preceded by a smaller, invitation-only overnight adventure to the incomparable South Coyote Buttes.  This small, exclusive group of avid photographers enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime chance to camp close to the dramatic “Sandstone Teepees” and then soak in the full wonder of the South Coyote Buttes by dawn, daylight, and twilight, as well as learning loads of fantastic photo-processing tips in Cody’s follow-up workshop back in Kanab. The tour was so successful that we’ll be doing it again in 2023.  
Images from the inaugural invitation-only Cody York South Coyote Buttes / Amazing Sandstone Teepees Astro Workshop, captured by Sunny Stroeer
What does it take to get on the invite list for this workshop?
Ideal candidates for this trip are strong hikers and advanced landscape (or intermediate astro-) photographers with an appetite for adventure! We’ll be sending out specialized invitations for Cody’s 2023 workshops within the next month, so if this excursion piques your interest and you’d like to be considered, please reach out to us here at
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And if you think those intriguing tour offerings will be the only highlights of our 2023 season, well, you ain’t heard nothing yet.  In addition to our invitation-only South Coyote excursion, Cody York will be leading a host of other workshops during the spring and fall seasons next year, the absolute height of which will be the October 11-13 White Pocket Milky Way Photography Workshop… exquisitely timed to precede a spectacular annular eclipse that will be fully visible in the skies of the desert Southwest on October 14th. This is a fantastic time to be in Utah and a rare opportunity to behold this amazing phenomenon from start to finish. 

What does this mean for eclipse-chasers in Utah? The path of the eclipse will cross through three national parks:  Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, and Canyonlands, as well as Grand Staircase NM and Glen Canyon Recreation Area. With all that red rock, you couldn’t possibly hope for a more ruggedly dramatic backdrop to one of the world’s most sought-after celestial experiences, and with Cody York’s in-depth workshop wrapping up on the 13th, you’ll still have plenty of time to head a bit further north and into the zone of the totality in order to catch the highlights of this natural event. Curious to learn more?  Check out this interactive map for a detailed view of the eclipse’s full path. 
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Parting words. 
Don’t forget, as the weather eases off into pleasant breezes and dazzling blue skies, now is the ideal opportunity to tackle tougher hikes that may seem a bit daunting during the height of summer.  For those fit and active hikers in search of “Wave”-like beauty without the hassle of permits, Dreamland’s day tour to the Amazing Sandstone Teepees is a bold and memorable option that will immerse you in the unique geology of the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, and chances are that you’ll have the whole place to yourself to boot.  For a shorter tour that holds remarkable treasures for the history buff, consider our brand-new 4-5 hour Mansard Trail Hiking Tour and experience a unique glimpse of Native American petroglyphs as a reward for this ambitious 1200-foot ascent.  Soak in the surrounding desert scenery and indulge your inner artist by capturing some stunning panoramic shots!

The year may be waning, but we’re just getting started. 
Every season is a great season to hike, so come on out and join us!
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