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 School’s out and summer vacations are in full-swing, and here at Dreamland we’re all stretching our legs on long desert hikes and enjoying the rugged, sun-soaked scenery.  Summer grasses and greenery unfurl lushly wherever water is plentiful, and even the dry desert ranges embrace the strong pulse of life in subtler ways—hawks and their young soar on the hot winds, wily pairs of ravens are up to all their old tricks, and vibrant activity surrounds us, evident in everything from tiny lizard footprints to twilight deer crossings.  Even in its quietest moments, the desert is never “desolate” when you know where to look.  
Come explore its secrets with us this season…
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A few weeks ago at our monthly guides’ meeting, we were fortunate to attend a presentation by skilled ornithologist William Mader, who has made it his life’s work and passion to explore the far reaches of the Utah and Arizona desert and study the nuances of the various raptors (birds of prey) who grace our skies.  As powerful apex predators, the raptor populations directly reflect the overall health of an ecosystem; wherever they are struggling, it provides scientists with a clear indicator that improvement and intervention is needed.  Spotting hawks in the wilderness can be a tricky business but a highly rewarding one, and if you’re lucky enough to see a red-tailed hawk, a bald eagle, or even a far-away condor soaring on the updrafts, it can be the highlight of any desert hike.  Care to try your hand at identifying some of our frequently-sighted flyers?  Check out these sites to learn more about the twenty common species of birds of prey in Utah and the ongoing California Condor Recovery Program, and hit the trails to try your luck.
Fire season is upon us. Whether you’re hiking with us or on your own, there are a wealth of important safety topics to keep in mind to ensure that your summer fun is responsible fun, geared toward guarding your own safety and treating the land with respect.  First and foremost among these is fire safety—a hot topic in the summer months, especially since fire season has arrived very early this year due to extreme drought conditions and frequent high winds throughout the desert Southwest. This means that all of us must do our part to preserve the land around us—one tiny spark from a campfire, candle, chainsaw, or even a motorcycle or ATV without an approved spark arrestor can cause massive wildfires that destroy thousands of acres of wilderness for years to come.  We love the land and we know you do, too—join us in implementing safe practices and speaking out to encourage others to do the same so that we can all enjoy the desert wonderland as it is meant to be.
 When it comes to preservation, no set of tips is more immediately effective than the basic “Leave No Trace” (LNT) guidelines, which present easy-to-use steps for minimizing human presence in pristine (and even not-so-pristine) wilderness environments.  From staying within designated trails and campsites to packing out trash and respecting fire restrictions and historic sites, there are lots of little things we can all do to limit the impact of our traffic in the wilder corners of the world.  Visiting the natural homes of plants and animals is the same as visiting someone’s house—we must always strive to be good guests.  Basic LNT principles are the bedrock upon which excellent guiding is based, and our Dreamland guides take extra steps to preserve the myriad fragile environments through which they tread.  Whether showing guests the wonders of the Wave and White Pocket or admiring the many geological levels of the Grand Staircase or the Grand Canyon, we make it a point to educate guests and to show respect for the lands in which we have made our home.  
What did you do for the 4th of July?  If you haven’t witnessed Kanab’s Independence Day celebrations yet, you may want to start making plans for next year. Small-town residents know how to throw big parties, and Kanab’s long-time traditions will start the day with a bang.  (Yes, a literal BANG.  In the early morning hours on each July 4th, an actual cannon heralds the dawn with a roar that echoes off the red-rock bluffs and brings every ear to attention.)  And that’s just the beginning.  A raucous parade featuring creative floats from local groups and businesses will wind its way down Center Street to the sound of cheering crowds—a favorite event for all Kanab locals.  (If you think we’re exaggerating, check out Dreamland’s 2021 Fourth of July shenanigans in this fantastic video created by Dreamland guide Mike McTeer.  Our antics were so popular, we even won the Mayor’s Choice Award!)  This time around, we took a break from guiding on July 4th to fully enjoy all the celebrations, but we’re back open again for business!
Parting words. 
Sending a special shout-out to all of our awesome Dreamland guides—we couldn’t offer such epic desert adventures without willing adventurers to lead them.  And for all the wild wanderers headed our way this year and next—we’re proud to help host your wildest wanderings.  Stay tuned for further updates on all the Dreamland doings; we’ll be sending more fun pics and stories your way as the summer unfolds.

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