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Welcome back to Dreamland! Our much-loved red-rock country radiates a special energy to warm the hearts of winter hikers, and we can’t wait to show you all the subtler charms of a Utah landscape kissed by the cold and wreathed in frost and the fey, watery sunlight of December.  Are you ready to embrace an authentic experience of Nature’s fiercest season while she’s on her very best behavior?  Whether the forecast predicts sun, snow, or a mix of both, the desert Southwest is always the place to be… 
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One of the questions we get year-round here at Dreamland is “What are my chances of winning a Wave permit?”  And although the true answer is steeped in mathematical mystery and we all know the odds are unimaginably long… they do tend to be a bit better during the colder months.  Most folks assume it’s simply way too chilly (or too snowy) for a Wave hike to even be a possibility, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Because the usual tourist traffic slows to a mere trickle, this is actually a fantastic time to try your luck at the last-minute lottery.  While most people are busy with holiday and new-year preparations, the flurry of lottery applications is nowhere near as frantic as it can be during the peak hiking seasons of spring and fall, and the locals’ best-kept secret is that winter hiking at the Wave makes for stunning views of this iconic destination.  

The common fear that the snow will “hide” the Wave from view is largely unfounded, for even if the infrequent snowstorms do drop some fluffy white stuff in your path, those snowflakes have a mystical way of highlighting exquisite desert details that you’d never think to notice on a normal summer day.  So come on out and try your luck at the lottery this winter…  Your chances of winning are quite a bit higher, and there’s no need to let a little thing like snowy roads slow you down.  As always, we’re open year-round and would be thrilled to guide you into a truly unique winter wonderland. 
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The beating heart of Dreamland lives in the passion and expertise of our amazing guides.  They start each day with the aim of sharing their deep love for the desert, and this shines through in the enthusiasm and stories inspired by each excursion into the wild.  Their passion makes it all possible, so if you’ve recently enjoyed an epic desert adventure with one of our guides and would like to send them a little something for the holidays, you can use the links below to surprise your favorite guide by buying them a coffee or a fun holiday treat.  
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Looking for some extra fun and family-oriented shenanigans to spice up your trip to Utah during snow season?  Look no further than the Bryce Canyon Winter Festival!  Co-sponsored by the famous Ruby’s Inn at the very gateway to Bryce Canyon National Park, the event will be in full swing February 18th -20th and will include an incredible array of activities to fit every taste and interest.  From kayaking demos, archery classes, and geology tours to sculpting lessons, line dancing, and leatherworking, they’ve got a little bit of everything, and although some activities may be altered to fit the whims of the weather, the event itself will be held regardless of snowfall, so you’re guaranteed three solid days of fun no matter what Mother Nature has in store for us.  Online registration will become available at this link, so check back often for updates and be sure to snag a spot in the thick of the action. 
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Don’t forget: if you’re looking for stocking stuffers, our Desert Dreams wall calendar makes for a great Christmas present. We ship worldwide - order yours today!
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