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Howdy, fellow hikers! Well, the weather may be hot, but it sure isn’t slowing us down. From White Pocket excursions to canyon explorations, we’re still tackling all terrains and delighting guests with the many wonders of the desert’s monsoon season. Spectacular skies, much-needed rains, and magically transient pools make for a backcountry experience so far outside the norm that true connoisseurs know it’s well worth braving deep summer conditions to catch a glimpse of the desert’s rarest moments. Want to see what everyone’s been raving about? Browse through our extensive tour offerings and snag a summer adventure of your own, and in the meantime, read on for a glimpse of our latest happenings here in red-rock country.
Adventures Await
In addition to our usual tour schedule, we regularly take the time to learn new things. To that end, this month we invited Michael Terlep, North Kaibab District Archaeologist, to speak with our guides on the crucial topic of site preservation. It may be tempting to palm that amazing arrowhead you find on the trail, but there are several very important reasons to leave things as they are. Check out Dreamland guide Andrea Jasper’s overview of Michael’s talk for a thorough grounding in the hows and whys of taking good care of the artifacts hidden around us:
“This 1,000-year-old ancestral Puebloan pot was about to roll off someone's kitchen counter when a Forest Service archaeologist showed up to rescue it. The pot had been looted from public land by a woman who had recently died. It was sitting near a beautifully decorated Anasazi bowl that held her potpourri, as if it was a cheap decoration purchased at Pier 1. With no information about where the artifacts were found, they are now useless to science. Now the pot lives in some government office in a cardboard box. 

This struck me more than anything else I learned at a recent talk by a Forest Service archeologist. DON'T REMOVE ARTIFACTS. A pottery sherd loses its context when you bring it home and throw it in your underwear drawer. One stolen arrowhead can make the difference between whether the government can justify placing a site on the list of National Register of Historic Places. Stealing artifacts can prevent that site from being protected. Not to mention the offense to Native Americans such as the Hopi who view these artifacts as ‘the footprints of their ancestors.’

There are a lot of philosophical questions that arise in the field of archaeology, and I don't pretend to have the answer to the question, "Who does the past belong to?"  But I do know that your average yahoo who finds artifacts should not keep them or move them. I do realize old-timers didn't know better, and attitudes toward Native American artifacts have changed. If you're interested in this topic, I strongly recommend reading "Finders Keepers," by Craig Childs.”
When it comes to advocating for site preservation and enjoying these areas responsibly, Dreamland is leading the charge, and we are always proud to welcome new guides who love the land and its history just as much as we do.  Here’s an official introduction to one of the newest member of our team…
When did you first start working for Dreamland?
I started guiding for Dreamland in January of 2022.

Where are you originally from? 
I’m originally from Connecticut.

What's your favorite Dreamland tour?
South Coyote Buttes—there’s nothing like it!

If money were no object, what would you do all day?
If money were no object, I’d save all the puppers. 

If you could live anywhere except for the desert Southwest, where would you want to live? 

Can you share one of your favorite memories that you've made while guiding/working for Dreamland. 
There was one particular White Pocket tour where it was exceptionally windy, but everyone was still interested in having fun.  It was a great day!

Here’s what our guests have to say about Charly:

"We had a great trip with Bret and Charly on the Ultimate Kanab Tour. It was probably the hottest day of the year (100+), but we were kept well-watered and stopped in the shade when needed. This is the tour to take to see all the high-on-the-list places to see, and ones you never knew existed. Bret and Charly were very informative and patient with me as I have slight limitations due to arthritis and vertigo. Thank you both for making this the highlight of our stay in Kanab!"

"We took the South Coyote Buttes Tour.  Absolutely amazing vistas and scenery!  Maddi and Charly were our fantastic tour guides. They are very knowledgeable, considerate, and above all, patient. Can’t recommend this adventure enough!"

Thanks, Charly, for having joined the Dreamland Team — we are excited to have you! 
What else is Dreamland up to these days?  
There’s an epic multi-day adventure right around the corner, 
and if you’re lucky, it might just have your name on it…
Do you have what it takes to dare the depths of the world’s longest continuous slot canyon? Walk on the wild side with Dreamland co-owners Paul Gagner and Sunny Stroeer as they lead you on a sneak-peek “virtual hike” of some of Buckskin’s most picturesque twists and turns in this short video.   
Like what you see?  Then you’re in luck.  We still have two spaces available on our upcoming Buckskin Backpack trip from October 9th to 11th, and this is a backcountry odyssey like no other. Gear up with Dreamland’s most experienced guides and embark on a true hero’s journey through the living rock—over twenty miles of trekking through the sinuous angles of Wire Pass and Buckskin itself, traversing the Middle Route and the Boulder Jam to continue ever onward to a rewarding conclusion at White House in Paria Canyon. If you’re an avid, experienced hiker with romance and adventure in your soul, then this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss!
Learn More
Whether you’re embarking on a multi-day adventure or a jaunt of just a few hours, the desert is full of spectacular treasures if you only know where to look. The sun rides especially high in the sky during the summer months, and all those elusive light beams that make Antelope Canyon so famous will also come and play tricks in other slot canyons like Buckskin and Kanab’s own Peekaboo Slot Canyon: an unexpected boon for any photography enthusiast who happens to be in the right place at the right time. Check out our blog post on Slot Canyon Photography for some effective tips and tricks to capture this striking phenomenon and create your own post-worthy pics of the desert landscape at its best.
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Parting words. 
And speaking of post-worthy pics… Dreamland guides and staff alike are busy cookin’ up the new Dreamland calendar for 2023, and all the photo submissions are in!  There are so many stunning images in the mix that we’re having a hard time choosing the cover image, so this time around, we want your input to choose the winner. Vote for your favorite photo today on Instagram or Facebook, and we’ll let you know who won and how to pre-order the calendar in the next edition of the desert post. (Polls will be open until August 7.)

Thanks to everyone from the Dream Team who submitted their images, and congratulations to Bret Benge, Marjorie Casse, Brent Kinley and Andrea Jasper for being contenders for the cover spot!
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